This Ingenious $10 Find Lets You Safely Use Screws in Your Walls Without Drilling Holes — Seriously!

published May 4, 2023
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In the 12 years that I’ve been living in apartments, I never shied away from putting screws in the drywall. I found that as long as I installed each one carefully and repaired the holes with spackle when I was moving out, my landlords didn’t have any issues (or at least nothing they felt told me about; I always got my security deposits back). But in my current apartment, I’ve run into the problem of having concrete behind my walls. So as hard as I try, I simply can’t use screws.

I found alternative solutions and more often gave up on hanging whatever I wanted to hang, which has become more annoying over time. Adhesive hooks can sometimes get the job done, but in certain cases, like when you have framed artwork to display or a furniture anchor to attach, you need the security of a screw. Thankfully, these self-adhesive bolts effectively let you use screws on walls without ever drilling into them. Pretty clever!

These devices work by acting like stick-on screws. Each one is made of transparent acrylic and has a short bolt installed firmly in the center with an included nut that can be tightened over top. If you’re using these to install, say, a hanging organizer, you can first apply the stickers, wait for them to adhere fully (the manufacturer recommends waiting 12 hours), then thread the wall-mounted bolts through the holes in the organizer. You can choose to secure everything either with the provided nuts or with any you may already have. Just note that you can’t use your own screws or bolts with these, as that component is built into the product.

You can also use them as simple hooks for hanging bulky utensils in the kitchen, cleaning tools in the broom closet, and towels in the bathroom. Each bolt can carry up to 11 pounds, and if you distribute the weight across several of them you can use them to hold a surprising range of things (including backpacks, coats, clocks, and, of course, pieces of art). If you ever need to remove the screws, just use a hair dryer to loosen the adhesive and peel the sticker clean off.

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While these are not recommended to be used on drywall or painted walls, they’re ideal for adding onto tile, wood, glass, stone, or metal. They really come in handy in bathrooms and kitchens, where tile walls often thwart any installation dreams. On Amazon, several shoppers commented on how strongly they stick to surfaces — “The suction of these things is insane,” one reviewer wrote — so as long as you know exactly where you want them to be, they’ll work fabulously.

Add these nifty drill-free bolts to your toolbox so you can avoid the mess and hassle of putting holes in your walls — and unlock the storage and organization potential of surfaces that can’t be drilled into. Your future self will thank you.