15 Drill-Free Kitchen Organizers That Create Space Out of Thin Air

updated Apr 24, 2023
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Here at Apartment Therapy, we make it our business to scout out the newest, smartest, and sleekest items for even the smallest of homes. From over-the-door organizers designed specifically to store bathroom necessities to chic living room furniture that doubles as storage, we always have our eyes open for the best of the best.

Perhaps the most important place to start when it comes to space-saving finds? The kitchen. After all, small living spaces almost always mean limited counter, cabinet, and drawer space. In fact, lots of times, the only empty real estate you have to work with is the walls, but if you’re renting, every hole you drill into a wall means another hole you’ll have to fill when you move out. That’s why we love genius finds that add all of the storage space without the hassle of drilling, nailing, or otherwise altering your apartment. Over the past year, I have added several of these easy-to-install — and easy-to-uninstall! — solutions to my kitchen (numbers 1, 4, and 10, and counting…), and I have to say, it feels so much homier, not to mention way less cluttered. If you’re a renter who wants to make your home feel more organized and more yours, we can’t recommend these easy, no-drill-needed solutions enough.

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These high-capacity under-shelf hooks have totally transformed my own kitchen, decluttering my countertop and drawers of way too many utensils. They each attach in two pieces: a strong, notched adhesive that attaches to the underside of your kitchen cabinets and a six-prong hook that slides onto said notch. When you're looking for your measuring cups, spatulas, or other essentials, you can spin the hooks until you find what you need.

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If you have vertical space to spare in your kitchen cabinets, then add these under-shelf storage containers from editor-favorite brand Joseph Joseph to your cart ASAP. The three-container set hangs from a frame that attaches to the underside of a standard shelf using slide-on clamps and adhesive strips. It takes just seconds to install and will make it super easy for you to access beans, grains, pasta, and other dry goods.

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Command strips are known for their superior sticking capabilities, so you know that this Command Caddy from the same brand will hold up equally well. These caddies come in three sizes, the largest of which you can use for your shopping totes and other grocery accessories. The clear bin makes it easy to see what's inside without any rummaging.

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Vertical storage is the way to go if you have a small kitchen, but if your wall space is limited too, taking advantage of the side of your refrigerator is such an ingenious idea — especially because your fridge is likely magnetic. Coming in a set of four, these magnetic shelves each hold up to five pounds of weight. I ordered them about five seconds after reading my colleague Erin's assessment, and I absolutely adore having all of my go-to seasonings where I can easily spot and access them.

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Yamazaki Home

If you're looking to store items that are a bit bulkier than spices (think: flour, olive oil, coffee), then this is the piece you need. Just like the product above, it sticks magnetically to the side of your fridge, creating storage space where there was none before, and streamlining your cabinets. My colleague Erin absolutely loves hers as an alternative to piling her cooking staples messily on top of the fridge.

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Looking for a spot to store narrow items like cutting boards, baking sheets, and cupcake tins? Meet this over-the-door rack from SimpleHouseware. Hang it on the inside (or outside) of your cabinet doors, and you'll be able to access it all without making a major mess searching for what you need.

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Yamazaki Home

When my colleague Britt got fed up with digging through her junk drawer every time she tried to find a takeout menu or recipe, this magnetic rack was her successful solution. It's made by one of our all-time favorite home brands, Yamazaki, and features a roomy bin, front and back magnets, and a wooden dowel meant to hold your place in your cookbook du jour.

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You know that narrow gap between the back of your stove and the wall (otherwise known as the abyss of lost rice grains and dropped string beans)? Well, this clever Amazon find will turn that Bermuda Triangle of your kitchen into 30" of bonus surface area for storing spices, oils, and other items that you want easily accessible when you cook. It's magnetic, so you can remove it in seconds and take it with you to your next apartment if/when you move.

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West Elm

Bottom line: If you use placemats, you know how annoying it is to find a perfectly sized place to keep them. That's why you need this Yamazaki storage find. It attaches to the side of your fridge, and since both sides are magnetic, you won't lose any surface area for photos, receipts, cards, and invitations.

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These (aptly named!) simple storage baskets have made an enormous difference in my own kitchen, giving me a place to keep potholders, Ninja accessories, water bottles, and more. They hang under any shelf, creating two brand new (temporary) cubbies in seconds and ridding your cabinets of major clutter.

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Don't get us wrong — we love plastic and acrylic fridge shelf organizers, but we understand that your fridge might be way too tiny to house any. A solid alternative is to hook some of these slim mesh caddies onto the existing door bins. They're great for holding wrapped snacks, sauce packets, and more, plus the caddies don't add unneccessary clutter to the area.

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Chances are, the area around your sink already feels crowded, so it doesn't help that your dishwashing supplies take up additional space in the basin or in front of the spray hose. Eliminate that clutter by installing this fuss-free faucet rack, which easily screws right onto your faucet's neck. It holds everything from sponges, brushes, soap, and even a towel, allowing them to dry in between uses.

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Experimenting with different KitchenAid stand mixer attachments is undeniably fun, but storing them afterward? Not so much. Free your kitchen drawers of bulky meat grinders and pasta makers by storing them on these adhesive under-cabinet holders, instead. They essentially create storage space out of thin air while simultaneously opening up drawers and keeping your cooking station free of drill holes.

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Not only do these magnetic shelves hold a ton (well, up to 11 lbs. each), but their matte black finish also looks supremely sleek and stylish. You can attach them to any magnetic surface, such as the fridge or perhaps even your washer, and rest assured that they'll stay put thanks to the powerful strips on the back. Keep spice jars, condiments, oil and vinegar bottles, and so much more on these capacious shelves and consequently off your counters.

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Uncommon Goods

Any consumer of long-neck bottled sodas, beers, and seltzers would be smart to invest in one of these BottleLofts from editor-loved brand Uncommon Goods. Senior Commerce Editor Ian attached some under one of his fridge shelves via the product's heavy-duty adhesive strips and subesquently found that he would store so many more things underneath. "The coolest part?" he wrote for AT's sister site. "It works using super-strong neodymium magnets that (I can attest) have zero problem holding your bottles aloft."