The $7 Renter-Friendly Find That Instantly Created Extra Storage Space In My Kitchen — Without Any Drilling

published May 5, 2022
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Credit: Lauren Kolyn

Keeping my small kitchen neat and organized seems like a never-ending journey. Just when I think I’ve made space for everything, something else pops up that needs a home. And yes, that’s even after scaling back my mug collection. Fortunately, not all hope was lost. In the time I’ve been renting my apartment, I’ve learned a few tricks to maximize the storage space in my kitchen, from adding a rack to my freezer to moving my spices to their very own container. However, the room still wasn’t conquered. I’m a huge fan of Command products and happened to have a few leftovers that I wasn’t sure what to do with. One of these products, the Command Caddy, saved the day in a way I hadn’t expected.

As much as I’ve used Command strips in the past, other products from the brand were still pretty new to me. I knew how well the picture-hanging strips could hold up a framed poster, and how they made a great wall-mounting sticker replacement for my small-space-friendly toilet brush, but would the Command Caddy be as good? It took me a while to decide on how I wanted to use it, but when I came across my reusable tote bags and carriers that I use for groceries strewn haphazardly on my dining table, it became clear. I assessed my kitchen for the best placement for the caddy, and found it on the inside of my small pantry door. 

The Command Caddy comes in three sizes — small, medium, and large — and its largest size turned out to be perfect for my needs. It attaches to smooth surfaces with clear Command strips that blend well with the clear bin, giving it a tidy appearance with no mismatched stickers on the back. The bin comes with four Command strips, but you only need two to hang it. Like other Command products, you clean the area where you want to stick the bin with alcohol before applying it to the surface. I had my caddy attached in minutes and gave it time to settle before loading it with any items. For good measure, I tested the strength of the caddy by giving it a pull with my hands, and it seemed to be a lot stronger than I expected it to be. My tote bags and bag carriers aren’t heavy in general, so I felt confident that the caddy was the right fit for the job. And it was!

Credit: Britt Franklin

Once I had the Command Caddy hung with my bags inside of it, I LOVED how it looked! So much so that I decided to get two more so that I could store some spices, seasoning packets, snacks, and other small kitchen supplies that have just been taking up unnecessary room on my countertop. Best of all, it created space in my tiny pantry that I hadn’t imagined before. I feel like an organizing pro!

Buy: Command Caddy (Large), $6.79 (originally $11.90)