Aldi’s $20 Sage Green Stockpot Is Almost Too Cute to Cook With

published Mar 13, 2024
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Delano, CA, USA - Mar 26, 2022: Exterior view of an Aldi grocery store in Delano, California. Aldi is the common brand of two German family-owned multinational discount supermarket chains.
Credit: Tada Images/Shutterstock

After you finish your seasonal kitchen cleaning and organizing, you officially have a reason to swap out your old pots and pans for a new set of cookware. Aldi’s kitchenware line, Crofton, released a new set of pots this week, and the two colorways are going to convince you to buy them all.

The 12-quart stockpot — available in sage green or a pink-and-green floral print — is a perfect fit for any upcoming soup nights, and it’s only $20. According to the product description, the porcelain enameled steel provides superior heat conductivity, plus it’s oven-safe (as long as the temperature is not past 500 degrees!). 

And if you like that Crofton product, just wait until you see the rest of Aldi’s stylish collection. The miniature version of the stockpot is only $10, and it’s “perfect for individual servings,” especially if you’re making a casserole. Just like the larger porcelain pot, the casserole dish is also available in a floral print and sage green, so it’s safe to say that this is an affordable way to upgrade your kitchenware.

If the mini casserole pot is too small, there’s a medium-sized pot and tea kettle at Aldi to add to your coordinating set. At this point, you might as well change the rest of your kitchen decorations and tiling to match your new pots!

In case you’re unable to find the Crofton products at your local Aldi, there’s a cute stockpot on Amazon that doesn’t exactly scream cottagecore, but it’s still cute. The sleek $40 stockpots are only available in a marine blue, orange gradient, and red gradient, so you’ll have to sacrifice the sage green and floral print for this purchase.

Your potlucks won’t be the same after using this stylish kitchenware. Get to Aldi ASAP and fill your home with coordinating Crofton sets!