If You Live in a Teeny-Tiny Studio, You’re Going to Want This Game-Changing Pottery Barn Side Table (and It’s on Sale!)

published Jan 4, 2024
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living room with warm textured paint walls, gray sofa, and pale neutral rug/carpet

If you live in a small apartment, one of the best things you can do to make the most out of your space is to invest in multifunctional furniture. This could include anything from a lift-top coffee table to a sofa with a storage chaise to a floor lamp with built-in shelving. Of course, anything that expands is also fair game. You might opt for a Murphy bed that frees up floor space for your yoga mat when not in use, or perhaps a four-person dining table that can expand to seat six for entertaining. Recently, however, we came across a product that’s perhaps even more fitting for tight areas of the home — specifically, the living room. The Allen extending c-table from Pottery Barn will help turn the comfiest part of your humble abode (a.k.a. the sofa) into a spot fit for dining, working, reading, and more. Plus, it’s on sale, so you can currently get it for $50 off! It’s a deal you’ll want to take advantage of ASAP.

What is the Allen extending C-table?

When it comes to side tables, C-shaped models are arguably the most useful. Not only can you place the Allen table next to your favorite armchair for some extra storage space, but you can pull it up to you and use it as a makeshift desk or dining table without having to leave your lounging spot. Its surface goes over your lap, making it easy and comfortable to type on your laptop, eat lunch, or flip through a magazine. And speaking of magazines, did we mention that the table has a built-in compartment for your reading materials? No longer will you have to walk over to the bookshelf or stack them on the coffee table. Your living room will no doubt look much tidier as a result of this convenient feature. You’ll also be excited to hear that the table’s surface folds open, going from 1 foot wide to just over 2 feet wide. This allows it to accommodate your planner, coffee, tablet — everything you need for a WFH sesh. The Allen C-table covers all of your bases!

Credit: Pottery Barn

Why You’ll Love the Allen Extending C-Table

In addition to its extending design, the Allen table also boasts a super sturdy construction. Made of durable mango wood and boasting an iron frame, it can bear a significant amount of weight without wavering under pressure. Its flat base also slides beneath your sofa, allowing you to pull up the table as closely as you need. Although this piece was originally available in two wooden finishes, it’s already sold out in the brown finish, no doubt thanks to the considerable discount. But you can still snag it in black, which is both stylish and minimalist enough to fit in with a variety of interior styles. But most of all, you’ll love the table because it eliminates the need for a dining table, desk, and even a coffee table. In fact, you’ll barely even notice those items are missing once you have this multipurpose piece situated in your living space. Just be sure not to hesitate for too long — there’s no telling how much longer it’ll still be available.

Buy: Allen Extending C-Table, $199 (normally $249)