10 Stylish Murphy Bed Chests That Are Perfect for Small Spaces 

updated Jan 24, 2024
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Murphy beds are one of the best inventions when it comes to small-space furniture, yet they’re not nearly as common as, say, sleeper sofas or expandable dining tables. But if you want to have a full, queen, or even a king-size bed without sacrificing precious floor space, there’s arguably no better solution. An even less frequently utilized (but ingenious) category of small-space furniture? Murphy bed chests. They’re exactly what they sound like: A chest of drawers that opens up to convert into a bed. These are even more practical for apartment dwellers, as they take up neither too much floor space nor as much wall space as regular Murphy beds. 

That being said, there are a couple of downsides to Murphy bed chests. If you use yours regularly, you’ll have to outfit the mattress with sheets and blankets each time you unfold it. And although the chests might look like functioning drawers, usually only some of the drawers actually work, and in some cases, none of them do. But if you’re desperate to not have to skulk around a tight bedroom that’s almost entirely occupied by your bed, then you’ll want one of these. Lucky for you, we searched the internet and found 10 viable options. They can get quite pricey, but they’re all stylish, functional, and totally worth it.

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Many Murphy bed chests come with their own folding mattress, and the Deerfield chest is one of them. In fact, you’ll find the full-size memory foam mattress to be more than adequate regardless of whether you’re hosting guests for the night or sleeping on it, yourself. Plus, the chest also comes with its own built-in charger, so you can keep your phone plugged in nearby.

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Your bed should be comfortable, but of equal importance is how it looks in chest form. This Wayfair find is a great example of how stylish Murphy bed chests can be. We love its warm, honey-toned wood and wicker paneling on the drawers. Together, the elements create a tropical, beachy look. Additionally, the chest has a flip-top, meaning you won’t bump your head against an obstructive ledge. You can simply lean back and relax.

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This Murphy bed chest also comes with a built-in charging station, but that’s not the only cool feature. You also get two adjustable shelves on each side, which can serve as makeshift nightstands if you don’t have room for real side tables. When folded, the chest also has a bench that you can pull out and sit on, or you can use it as a shelf, too. The chests’ no-frills design and neutral gray hue are just the cherry on top.

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This chest’s mattress features generous pull-tabs, meaning you won’t struggle to unfurl your bed or fold it back up. Beyond that, we like that the mattress is made of cool soft gel-infused memory foam, which will prevent you and your guests from feeling stuffy and overheated during the night. Plus, you get two USB ports and two power outlets with the chest, so even if it’s closed, you can still make use of the added charging spots in the meantime.

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As you’re starting to see, Murphy bed chests come in all kinds of styles, regardless of whether you’re after something that’s modern, traditional, or boho. This particular chest boasts a quaint farmhouse appeal with its birch plywood construction. It’s available in six colors and stands alone, so you don’t have to mount it to the wall. Even better still, the cabinet was designed to double as a bed and a media center for your TV.

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With this Venetian-inspired cabinet, you actually do get two bottom drawers for storage. What’s more, the bed is especially sturdy because when you fold down its platform, there are six legs underneath for additional support. Although the cabinet comes in five colors and a couple of different styles, we recommend this one for a more antique aesthetic.

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For a sleeker option, try this polished, freestanding cabinet from 1Stop Bedrooms. It looks like a regular console table when closed, and we couldn’t help but notice its glossy silver hardware and distressed gray finish. Once open, the cabinet features a hypoallergenic foam mattress, not to mention a USB power outlet for your smartphone or alarm clock. If you already own a regular sofa, this is the perfect alternative to having a living room sleeper.

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Wayfair shoppers who bought this oak and mahogany Murphy bed chest largely love it, and praise the piece’s solid but compact construction. You’ll also be happy to learn that no assembly is required, although you will likely need more than two people to move the cabinet to its final spot. Of course, the focal point here is the beautiful geometric paneling on the front of the cabinet.

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If you have impromptu overnight visitors, direct them to the Clover Murphy cabinet, which transforms into a comfy queen bed. They can place some of their belongings in the two bottom drawers and sprawl out on the tri-fold memory foam mattress. When closed, the cabinet sports pretty paneled doors and a sandy finish. Plus, you’ll find that it takes no more than 30 minutes to assemble.

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With this rustic-looking cabinet, you won’t have to choose between turning your spare room into an office or a guest bed. It can remain closed while you work and even serve as a makeshift storage spot for office supplies. Then, when guests visit, the cabinet quickly turns into a queen-size bed. Amazon reviewers also say assembly is a breeze and that the cabinet looks exactly as pictured in real life.