This $23 Amazon Kitchen Wrap Organizer Is So Aesthetically Pleasing and Functional

published Jan 5, 2023
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The one-year lease renewal for my apartment is fast approaching and I realized that I have yet to fully organize the kitchen. Don’t get me wrong, it’s functional, but it’s more like I simply reused the systems from my last place without tweaking them to better fit this layout. In other words, my current kitchen isn’t optimally organized in my eyes.

So I’m on a mission to change that because, as a professional organizer, I feel the need to practice what I preach. One of the specific habits that I like to instill in my clients is to be more mindful when buying organizing products and supplies. There’s a tendency to purchase what’s trendy without considering whether it’s going to actually work for your stuff and your space. If someone owns dozens and dozens of sneakers, a single-shelf shoe rack isn’t going to do the trick, no matter how cute it is.

Not only are the capacity and measurements of any organizer important, but there is also that third criterion for choosing the ideal one for you. I want you to think about your style, both in terms of aesthetics and the material. For me, I adore the combination of white and gold and I also think it’s important to invest in sustainable products whenever possible. So when I saw this white bamboo foil and plastic wrap organizer with gold labels, I knew it was a match made in heaven. Well, as long as it fit in at least one of my kitchen drawers.

Credit: Mary Cornetta

The way I had my boxes laid out in the drawer worked OK, but they would slide around quite a bit. I also tend to hastily slice my fingers, specifically on the tin foil dispenser. Let’s not forget to mention that it doesn’t look all that great, which isn’t that important especially since the boxes are hidden away in a drawer most of the time. But I’m all about function and aesthetics because I think when an organizing system works well and looks nice, I’m much more likely to maintain it.

So, I made sure the measurements of the wrap organizer worked and recycled the original boxes (removing the serrated edges first). You’ll notice that the organizer only has three slots for foil, wax, and plastic. I also own a box of parchment paper but could count on one hand how many times I’ve used it in the past year. So, I consciously chose to shove that box horizontally toward the back of the drawer. This way it’s out of sight but close by in the event I need it.

Credit: Mary Cornetta

There are three double-sided sliding cutters (that are virtually impossible to hurt yourself on, trust me as a klutz) that you have to attach via double-sided tape. That’s the only assembly required. The box comes with a gold metal clasp that allows you to lift the top of it and pop in your rolls. There’s nothing to keep them in place but I used the cutters to catch a corner of each roll and they stayed put. 

You can remove the whole organizer and put it on the counter to get what you need but I’ve done it a few times with it sitting in the drawer and it works just fine that way too. Be aware that the box is 3.3 inches tall and designed for rolls that are no more than 12 inches wide. So if you buy bulkier rolls, this might not be the best option for you.

While I usually only have one package of each in my home at a time, many of my clients have backstock wraps somewhere in their kitchen or pantry (or basement, garage, really wherever they land). If you like the idea of the organizer, I suggest using it for the open rolls and then storing your extras in an off-site space. It doesn’t matter where the place is but it should be accessible so you can swap out a roll when one runs out. Use a bin or basket to corral them together and then it’ll be easy to see when you need to stock up on any particular type.

Was this kitchen wrap organizer totally necessary to better organize my space? Not really. But, it was absolutely worth the purchase for its $23 price tag and the smile it puts on my face when I open the drawer now.