This $20 Mop Bucket Can Fit in Your Smallest Closet

published Jun 9, 2023
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Close-up partial view of woman cleaning floor with string mop
Credit: LightField Studios/Shutterstock

My husband does most of the mopping in our home, and when I casually mentioned I’d found a collapsible mop bucket, he was even more enthusiastic than I’d expected him to be. All of our cleaning supplies are stored in a slim kitchen closet — except for the mop bucket, which requires a trip to the garage. The collapsible bucket would finally unite all of our cleaning tools. 

Nevertheless, I worried it wouldn’t work for us, as the Eyliden Collapsible Bucket looks quite small in its photo. But my husband was already clicking “buy now,” so we were officially committed to its 2.6-gallon capacity. (Turns out, my husband typically uses only a gallon or two of water anyway.)

The bucket is lightweight, making it a breeze to empty and refill, with no danger of splashing dirty water onto the counters surrounding our sink. And because the handle is very sturdy in the upright position, we’re less apt to slosh water out of the bucket when moving from room to room. 

We own a string mop, but if you use a rectangular mop, like the Eyliden Sponge Mop the bucket was designed for, it should fit as long as the length of the mop head is less than 14 inches. 

Two reviewers had trouble with accidental collapsing when the bucket was full of water, but I’m skeptical about it being a real issue. It takes two hands and some technique to collapse the bucket, so I doubt this will happen to my husband, but I look forward to a good laugh if it does. 

We only use our new mop bucket for mopping. I say this because the mop is advertised as having many uses. Perhaps you would like to carry fresh fruits and vegetables in your mop bucket? Try it out at your next picnic, they say! One reviewer used it to “bathe a muddy toddler.” The possibilities are endless. 

I joke, but I love a tool that can do more than one thing — especially for apartment-dwellers. One reviewer says it’s perfect for hand-washing delicate laundry items. Another says it’s great for soaking feet, which reminded me of icing my ankle after a high-school sports injury. If I’d had this bucket then, I could have tucked it away neatly until the next sprain. 

Whatever the use, this bucket will fit in any home, whether you dwell in a van, live in a small apartment, or simply want to save yourself a trip to the garage.

Buy: Eyliden Collapsible Bucket, $19.99