Amazon Is Selling a Foldable Tiny House for $12,000

published Mar 30, 2024
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When people say Amazon sells just about everything, they’re not exaggerating. The online shopping platform even sells fully functional tiny homes for under $30,000. Look no further than Officer Owl’s tiny home kit, which is both fully transportable and foldable (yes, really).

This tiny home will ship to you in less than a month. It comes with two bedrooms, a built-in bathroom, and a kitchen, measuring 20x20x8.3 feet when fully assembled. It’s waterproof, flame-retardant, and grade 8 earthquake and grade 10 wind-resistant.

The cost of Officer Owl’s tiny home kit includes a professionally installed, fully wired electrical system, as well as a fully plumbed kitchen and bathroom. Once the house is assembled, all you need to do is connect the running water supply and the drain and sewer pipes, and voilà! A comfortable, cozy tiny home that can be installed with minimal hassle. 

This isn’t the first Amazon tiny home to hit the market, but Officer Owl’s listing does claim the foldable home will last for up to 25 years.

Of course, purchasing a foldable tiny house for yourself doesn’t exactly come cheap. Buying one will set you back $12,500, or $494.69 per month for 48 months. Still, when compared with moving or building your own guest home, studio, or salon, it’s a pretty sweet deal. Plus, you won’t be alone. 

Based on a study of 2,000 people conducted by Fidelity National subsidiary IPX1031 in 2020, 56% of Americans would live in a tiny home.

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