The Ingenious $20 Amazon Caddy That Tripled My Shower Storage Space

published Dec 16, 2023
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Credit: Carina Romano

Even with built-in shelves and a window ledge, my shower can get a little crowded with all the shampoo and bath products I keep there. (Confession: They’re mostly mine.) So when I came across this unassuming pair of adhesive corner shelves at just under $20, I had to try them.

Quick Overview

Why I Love This Adhesive Corner Shower Caddy Shelf Organizer

  • It’s easy to install and costs under $20.
  • It fits in any corner of your home.
  • The design is practical and attractive.

I was impressed with the light-yet-sturdy construction of these black, slatted iron trays. One is slightly smaller than the other; they measure 7.07 x 1.26 x 2.97 inches and 7.84 x 1.26 x 3.45 inches, to be specific. I’m assuming the slight difference in size is for aesthetic purposes if you’re arranging them one above the other, but because I plan to put them in separate bathrooms, I would have preferred them to be the same size.

Now, it’s important to note that the shelves attach to the wall with adhesive hooks, not suction cups. That’s because these shelves can be used in virtually any corner of your home — not just on the inside of your shower. When my shelves arrived, I promptly hooked on the clear adhesive pads, then stood hemming and hawing about proper placement. I would have preferred suction cups so I could adjust the height if need be, but I am happy with the final placement of my shelf.

Credit: Barbara Bellesi Zito

3 Reasons I Love These Shelves

These little shelves can hold a lot, but I’m wary of adding too much to them just in case the adhesive isn’t strong enough. But I’ve had them up for a week, and so far, so good. Here’s why I’m loving these shelves.

  • They are super easy to install. These shelves were intuitive to put together and hang in the corner — a good thing, as they didn’t come with instructions. I referenced the original Amazon sales listing to confirm that I was indeed supposed to attach the adhesive hooks to the top rung of the rack. I’m glad I did because the listing told me that I needed to wait 48 hours for the adhesive to stick firmly, not the 24 I had been expecting.
  • They can fit any corner. It’s refreshing when something only fits in the corner, so you’re not spending all day finding the right place for it. Even if you’ve got a small shower, you’ll have a corner to put this in, although you might want to place it higher so you’re not bumping into it.
  • The design is practical and attractive. I have built-in shelves in my shower that I’m constantly having to wipe off to remove excess water and soap residue. I love these trays because the water runs right through them. The black iron fits with any bathroom decor, and I like how it gives a bit of an industrial chic look to mine.

The shelves’ aesthetic leans more toward in-shower storage in my opinion, but you could put them up in another corner of your bathroom or even your kitchen. Do I expect them to stay put forever? No. But they only cost me $20 and a few moments of my time to instantly declutter my shower. Because they haven’t budged since I installed them, I’ll count this experiment as a success already.