The $25 Amazon Storage Solution Shoppers Say Is “Worth Every Penny” (It Triples Storage Space!)

published May 27, 2024
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Crockery and drinking glasses on shelves in kitchen at home
Credit: Maskot/Getty Images/Maskot

If you love finding sneaky, clever ways to double (or triple!) your kitchen storage with affordable, budget-friendly finds, I’ve got great news for you. Amazon is selling an ingenious kitchen cabinet organizer that creates storage space out of thin air (really!) so you can stack all your favorite cups, mugs, cans, and more.

Posted by Jen Adams (from her Instagram account @interiordesignerella) on May 9, she wrote, “Free up cabinet space with these organizers that allow you to stack drinkware on top of each other without the risk of breaking them!! 😀☕️ They are adjustable so they can work on cups of all different sizes!! Each box comes with 6 stackers!!”

And she’s right. Dozens of people immediately commented on the post wanting the link to buy the stackers themselves, and I was one of them. 

I love that this instant cabinet organizer creates storage space without adding extra bulk to your cabinets. Regardless of whether you have open shelving or not, these stackers won’t be an eyesore every time you go to reach for a mug — they’re sneaky and let your decor do all the talking. 

All you have to do is sit the storage organizer on top of your cup, mug, can, or even in your spice drawer, make sure each one is expanded to the size required, and you can stack items directly on top of each other. 

According to Amazon’s description of the stackers, they’re a minimalist solution that takes advantage of the “unused airspace in kitchen cabinets between your mugs and the shelf by lifting your cups and mugs on top of each other without the risk of chipping or breaking them.” I love that the description also includes that using these stackers is like “discovering a whole new cupboard.”

You can buy them in black, orange, or blue, and you can stack cups on top of each other either upside down or right side up, but the Amazon description does suggest defaulting to upside down. Each holds a maximum of 50 pounds, according to Amazon, and one very satisfied reviewer wrote that while they were “skeptical about the product when I ordered it,” it “works PERFECTLY! Worth every penny. Easy to use. Saved me soooo much space in my small cabinets. I also used it to stack other items in my curio cabinet, too.”

I’m not sure about you, but I’m sold!

Buy: Coffee Mug Organizers and Storage, $24.99