The $10 Hack That Helps Prevent Glass and Ceramic Decor From Breaking

published Mar 10, 2023
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There’s a common misconception that if you have kids or own pets, you can’t have nice things. Okay, you might not want to buy a white couch or anything that stains super easily, but you can still make your space look stylish. Even the most rambunctious roommates shouldn’t prevent you from proudly displaying your favorite decor! And yes, that includes fragile, breakable items that you’ve always feared might topple over with a strong-enough push. It only makes sense that museums and art galleries would have the solution — each has its fair share of precious valuables and heavy foot traffic. The best part is, you can employ their trick for just $10 when you buy some adhesive putty on Amazon. Although the word “putty” might make you think of a slimy, colorful, and none too tasteful substance, this product is entirely invisible and works like a dream. We have no doubt you’ll be amazed!

At $5 per pack, the putty is definitely not expensive. You get four substantial sticks of putty per pack, and all you have to do is tear off a small amount (we suggest eyeballing it depending on the size of your decor piece) and stick it onto the bottom of your vase, planter, wine glass, or ceramic figurine. Really, you can put the putty on anything — it won’t be visible or leave a stain on your things. Then, place the breakable item on the shelf as you normally would, and there you have it! Your beautifully adorned display cases won’t let go of their ornaments. AT Managing Commerce Editor Tamara, the owner of two energetic kitties, can personally attest to that fact. “When I first got my kittens last year, I didn’t realize how at risk my fragile decor items would be when they were playing,” she said. “I didn’t want to sacrifice my chic items, so a Google search led me to museum glue, which has basically changed my life. I no longer have to worry about precious vases toppling over when they get a little too rowdy — and I love that it’s removable.”

Amazon shoppers, too, love the putty, claiming they use it for other purposes, too. “I’ve been using it to hang up foam-mounted photos that I know I will want to move frequently,” one reviewer wrote. “It’s great for lightweight hanging and so easy to use. Not messy or greasy, and does not get stuck to the wall or whatever you’re mounting.” Not only is the putty cheap, but it’ll save you lots of money in the long run, as you won’t have to replace your decor (unless you actually want to). Sounds like a win to us!