The Adorable, Small-Space-Friendly Clothes-Drying Rack That I’ve Used for Years (It’s a Must for Travel, Too!)

published Oct 4, 2022
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Credit: Africa Studio/Shutterstock

From eco-friendly dryer-sheet alternatives to chic wall-mounted hampers, the internet is flooded with products that promise to help make the laundry process easier. But how do you know what’s worth buying and what’s just a bunch of hype? You trust the experts — like us over here at Apartment Therapy! We research and test so many potential solutions to let you know which ones are truly worthy of your time… and money… and storage space… and which should stay far, far away from your cart. The PRESSA 8-Claw Octopus Hanging Dryer has been my constant laundry companion for years now (it’s amazing how a pair of painted-on eyes can make a piece of plastic feel like a familiar friend), and I can tell you with 100 percent confidence that this adorable product warrants hitting the “Buy Now” button.

Mimicking an actual octopus, this laundry gadget has a central body and eight arms. The octopus’s “head” has a hook at the top, and each “tentacle” features two attached clothespins. When you hang the hook on a towel rod, shower curtain rod, or the like, the arms splay out and give you 16 places to hang anything that doesn’t go in the dryer. I air-dry a lot of my clothes — t-shirts, yoga pants, bras, underwear, bathing suits — so having this baby handy is essential. I load mine up with delicates and pop it onto the shower curtain rod. When it’s time for me to shower, I just have to remove, and then replace, one hanger (not 16!).

Credit: Amazon

At its largest, the hanging dryer spans 15.75″ in diameter, but in between uses, the octopus’s arms collapse to leave you with a compact package that you can throw into a drawer or put on a shelf until you need it again. It’s even small enough to pack in a suitcase; when I stay with my dad or at a friend’s house for a few days, or even at a hotel, the octopus comes with me. That way, I can wash clothes while I am there without having to choose between two unappealing choices: machine dry (aka ruin) my delicates or obnoxiously display my clothes out to dry all over the place. Same goes for when I air-dry clothes at home — no one wants every chair or railing in the house deemed unusable for days at a time.

If you’ve been searching for your next game-changing find for laundry day, look no further than this adorable Octopus Hanging Dryer. It’s simple, effective, compact, fun, and affordable. Once you lock eyes, it’ll be a match made in laundry heaven.

Buy: PRESSA 8-Claw Octopus Hanging Dryer, $17.99 (normally $18.99)