These $13 Customizable Dividers Totally Streamlined My Dresser Drawers — And Now I’m Using Them Everywhere

published Aug 20, 2022
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In my dreams, my dresser drawers are a vision of Martha-approved organization, where there’s a place for everything and everything is in its place. In reality, my socks and underwear throw themselves out of the overstuffed drawer jack-in-the-box style every time I open it. Between being unable to find what I needed and rogue socks spilling out behind the drawer, I’d finally had it! I needed a way to turn a chaotic mess into an organized, functional space, and I found it in the Poeland Honeycomb Drawer Dividers. They’re lightweight yet sturdy, simple yet space efficient, and they come in the prettiest colors.

I have always been a big fan of drawer dividers, but I’d never seen any quite like this before. The honeycomb shape make things look so much more visually appealing than anything I’ve tried in the past. I get all the same storage space, but it’s laid out in a way that’s way more fun than square or rectangular organizers (thanks, bees!). This must-have find comes with eight pieces in total, takes about 30 seconds to assemble, and is easy to move around. I bought mine on Amazon, but it’s available at Walmart, too.

When all of the pieces are snapped together, the whole set spans roughly 15″ x 24″ x 3″, creating 18 full compartments as well as half-sized spots against the walls of the drawer. If you don’t need all eight, no worries! The rest of the pieces nest together, so they’re easy to stow away in the closet when not in use. Want more? Order another set or two — they’ll all interlock. You can choose between green, gray, pink, and white, or mix and match colors to jazz things up.

Credit: Amy Gordon

Starting every day with a thoughtfully organized array of socks and undies is so much lovelier than pawing through a pile to find what I want. And the applications of these dividers aren’t limited to clothing — yup, they’re just as useful for other areas of the house. I’m already planning to buy at least two more sets to neaten up other drawers and shelves all over my apartment that are currently in need of a little TLC… starting with paper clips and rubber bands in the office. From there, I plan to put a couple into the tool drawer for nails and screws, as well as a few in my vanity for makeup and hair things. I already know they’re going to be a jewelry-organization lifesaver, not to mention the perfect accessory for arranging ties and belts.

If any area of your home suffers from jack-in-the-box drawers like mine, do yourself a favor and order these beauties ASAP. Trust me, it will be $13 very well spent.

Buy: Poeland Honeycomb Drawer Divider, 8 Pieces, $12.99