The Game-Changing Amazon Organizer That Makes Picking Out Your Shoes a Breeze

published Aug 22, 2022
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Although I love choosing my outfits every day, when it comes to footwear, I usually end up sticking with the same pair of sneakers or loafers. This is not because I don’t love shoes; I have more pairs of boots, sandals, and flats than I care to admit. There’s even a pair of clogs somewhere in the collection. The problem is that most of them are stashed in the deep, dark recess of my family’s storage closet under the stairs. After I make my way past the closet door and initial shoe rack that houses a handful of pairs, I’m met with a wall of stacked boxes. And even after turning on my phone’s flashlight, so I can actually see in front of me, I still have no idea which box holds what. When I need to store a pair of shoes, I just grab the nearest empty container, not bothering to read the labels.

To put it simply, finding specific footwear is a hassle at my house. So when I came across this set of plastic shoeboxes on Amazon, I got excited. It’s such a straightforward solution, and yet I’d never considered transparent containers for shoes before. With this find, you can easily keep track of where all your shoes are and even display your most beloved pairs with pride.

For $60, you get a pack of six clear or black boxes. That’s $10 per box, which is not a bad deal at all. At 13.5″ long and 7.5″ high, one container can hold pretty much any type of shoe up to a men’s size 12. Amazon shoppers love these shoeboxes for their sturdiness, among other features that lend convenience. “They even lock together if you want to stack them,” one reviewer relayed. “Even with my size 12 shoes, there is extra room to fit maybe a 13 or 14 men’s size. I can even fit multiple flip-flops and house shoes into a single box.” That’s one surefire way to get your money’s worth.

When you receive the boxes, some assembly is required, but clear instructions detail the basic process in a few quick steps. The doors on each box are magnetic, ensuring that your shoes will remain safely contained despite any movement, a feature that makes them easily transportable. And although their name implies it, you don’t have to use these boxes just for holding shoes. “I use mine for fitted hats, and they are great for displaying whatever you want to put in the box,” one customer testified. Whether you use them for storing makeup, sewing supplies, or your most treasured high-tops, you won’t regret making your organization process a bit more transparent.

Buy: Attelite Plastic Shoe Box, Set of 6, $59.99 (normally $72.99)