This Stylish Hamper From Amazon Actually Makes Me Excited to Do Laundry — and It’s On Sale Now!

published Oct 18, 2022
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In the decluttering fest for my family’s big move, there was one category of things I was especially grateful to let go of: the things that were still useful but that either didn’t work so well or that I didn’t love. We certainly weren’t going to pay to move things that we weren’t happy to have as part of our new start.

So we got rid of clothes we hadn’t worn in years and all the plastic promo cups that had been collecting in our cabinets. We also left behind items like our toilet brushes and trash cans, things that we not only didn’t want to move but that we wanted to start fresh with. 

One of these not-so-great items that got left behind was our primary closet laundry hamper. It was a sorter type with four compartments and it still “worked,” but it had several issues. For one thing, the laundry bags sagged when they were full, giving the whole unit a disheveled appearance. To add to this, the top rims, which held the compartments in the unit, were never even. And the light color of the bags eventually began to show dirt and became yet another thing that I had to wash. I was so happy to say goodbye to that thing!

Of course, once we got to our new place, we needed to replace our laundry hamper pretty quickly. I scoured Amazon for one that addressed all the issues I’d had with our previous one. I found one, the Romoon 4-bag Laundry Sorter and Cart, and four months later it’s still going strong. 

Here’s what I love about it: 

  • It’s affordable. Laundry hampers can be so expensive! This one was moderately priced, costing under $50 at the time of purchase.
  • It holds its shape. This laundry hamper keeps its shape in two ways: each bag holds its rectangular shape and sits straight in the unit and a bar that runs parallel to the floor behind one side of the unit keeps them from shifting backward. The whole thing stays looking crisp and I appreciate that. 
  • It has four compartments. I do not enjoy sorting dirty laundry into piles. It feels unsanitary, I end up with piles on the floor, and it’s extra work that can be avoided. Having compartments in the hamper means we can just toss our laundry into the right section, effectively sorting it each time we take off clothes. My four compartments are lights, darks, whites, and hand-wash. 
  • The compartments come out easily. The compartments can be easily lifted out of the hamper so I can take one load at a time downstairs to the washer. This is so convenient and eliminates yet another step of transferring clothes into a laundry basket. 
  • It’s a dark color. The dark color looks stylish in our closet. Moreover, it doesn’t show any dirt because it’s so dark. 

With my new and drastically improved hamper, laundry is less of a drag, and goodness knows we can all use any and every single thing that makes doing laundry a bit more enjoyable.