We Just Found One of the Best Deals on Apple AirTags (Just in Time for Spring Travel!)

published Mar 15, 2024
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woman with luggage and walking in airport
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As much as I love to visit new places, I would definitely consider myself a nervous traveler. I can usually relax once I’m settled in my hotel room, but it’s the process of getting there that I’m not really a fan of. Aside from worrying about missing my flight, there’s one overarching fear that surfaces every time I head to the airport: losing my luggage. Although there was some improvement in 2023, the previous year saw over 26 million pieces of luggage get lost, delayed, or damaged by airlines. So yeah, I’d say my fear is completely rational.

Whenever I can — and especially if I have a connecting flight — I only travel with a carry-on. Unfortunately, as a chronic over-packer, I can’t avoid checking a full-sized suitcase every time. Enter: Apple’s AirTags. Since they came out a few years ago, the tiny tracking gadgets have become a travel essential, ensuring that your bags are with you every step of the way. That’s why, before your spring and summer trips arrive, I recommend taking advantage of QVC’s stellar bundle deal, which includes four AirTags, keychain cases, and a luggage strap (so you can put one on every bag!). 

On top of its sale price, you can get $30 off on orders over $60 with the code SURPRISE30. It’s already selling fast, and the extra discount only lasts until Saturday, March 16 — so hurry and keep reading to get all of the details!

What is the Apple AirTags 4-Pack with Luggage Strap and Colored Keychains?

Considering how popular they’ve become, you’ve probably heard all about how useful AirTags are, if you haven’t already experienced it firsthand. As any AirTag owner will tell you — including AT’s shopping writer, Nikol — you really can’t own too many of them. They’re extremely small and lightweight, so you’ll hardly notice that it’s hooked onto your bag. In addition to your suitcases, purses, and wallet, you can even attach one to your keys so that they never go missing again.

How it works is that the AirTag sends out a secure Bluetooth signal, which you can track on your phone via the Find My app and see it on a map. Even if the item you’re trying to locate is nearby, your phone will direct you straight to it with Precision Finding. Plus, if you don’t have your phone on hand, iOS 17 lets you share your AirTag with up to five people, so they can help you find what you’re looking for. The bundle includes replacement batteries and (most importantly) multicolored keychains, so you can always be sure your AirTag is on hand.

Credit: QVC

A four-pack (without keychains) goes for $99 on Apple’s website — so, with the extra promo running right now, QVC is offering an especially great deal. Don’t forget that the $30-off code only works until March 16, so hop to it!

Buy: Apple AirTags 4-pack with Luggage Strap and Colored Keychains, $89.98 (normally $199)