The Funniest April Fool’s Jokes This Year

published Apr 1, 2021
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Credit: Santi Nunez/Stocksy

Last year, with the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, many understandably were not in the mood to crack April Fool’s jokes. But now that things are looking better (fingers crossed!), companies are resuming the tradition of trying to outdo each other with the funniest, most clever pranks. Here is how they attempted to make us all laugh:


IKEA knows that many miss working in an office, that’s why they’ve created a collection that accurately recreates a corporate setting, including the parts you hate.


Don’t have the time to learn a new language? Nonsense! Duolingo’s new toilet paper will make sure you’re learning new phrases daily while keeping your bum clean.


Fellow bookworms, this is the go-to fragrance now. 

Pillow Cube

The company known for their square-shaped pillows for side sleepers has released a pillow so flat, it doubles as a cutting board. Kinda gross but nonetheless versatile.


Target went #TBT and reposted their most innovative product, the Fanny Basket. Originally uploaded in 2015, customers are actually still waiting for the retailer to make this prank real.


After seeing the sacrilege in this video, we really do need a break.

Canadian Space Agency

The Canadian Space Agency has finally answered one of life’s greatest mysteries: where do our missing socks from the dryer end up?

Farrow and Ball

A very wholesome joke. We’d pick any of these colors just because they have the cutest and wackiest names.


Finally, a lip balm you’d want to finish before you lose it.


The weighted blanket company partnered with the Insta-famous hedgie for blankets that look so cozy, we wish they were real.


Siri might be able to do math and post on social media, but can she give you color recommendations and painting tips?


Made from bulletproof aluminum, the Cybermouse can withstand scratches, drops, and the occasional coffee spill. Your move, Elon.


Greek yogurt: great for dessert, and apparently also great for your skincare regimen. 

King Arthur Baking

Your parents told you never to play with our food, but they never said anything about sitting on it. This bean bag looks seriously sweet.


Tea time will never be the same again with Lipton’s magical self-jiggling bag, which guarantees even infusion. It’s so innovative that it can dispose itself by hopping out of the cup and walking away. 

Task Rabbit

An ear-resistible service we’d love to try. But what’s no joke, though, is that for every task booked on April Fool’s Day, the company will donate $1 to non-profit rabbit rescue organizations, so hop to it.


Of course, what’s a roundup of jokes without 2021’s biggest meme?