A Garret Transformed
Location: West VillageSize: 300 square feet studioYears lived in: 3 He knew he wanted sleek lines, a floor with character, a few white walls for his art, and as much open space as a 300 square foot floor plan could provide. Lastly, the owner likes to cook but was non-negotiable on a kitchen that encroached on his living space — at all!So, the architects and the contractor worked very hard to make use of every square inch that wasn’t active floor area.
Apr 28, 2010
SMEG Fridges for Small Kitchens
SMEG (which stands for Smalterie Metallurgiche Emiliane Guastall − obviously) is an Italian manufacturer who have been making household appliances since 1948. And where as they make a number of quality products, they’re best known for their retro style fridges available in a range of flashy colors, including a special Union Jack edition. • Read
Apr 28, 2010
Rene & Jerry’s Sensational Single Family in the City
Name: Rene & JerryLocation: Jamaica Plain, MassachusettsSize: 3200 square feetYears lived in: Almost 4 If a house can have good karma, this Victorian Mansard’s got it. Before the current owners, Rene and Jerry, bought this beautiful Jamaica Plain home, the previous owners made a bold and rare move. They skillfully returned this glorious single family home, which had been chopped into three units over years, back into the cohesive single family home that it longed to be.
Apr 27, 2010
Aaron’s Minimal Portland Loft
Name: Aaron TullerLocation: Portland, ORSize: 1100 sq ft.Years lived in: almost 2 Aaron is co-owner of one of our favorite online sources of independent and handmade goods, buyolympia.com. When they relocated to Portland a couple of years ago he took the opportunity to pare down his belongings to the essentials and move into this minimal loft.
Apr 27, 2010
Nick, Bryan & Otto’s Milwaukee Studio
Name: Nick, Bryan & Otto, aka Blend StudiosLocation: Milwaukee, WisconsinSize: 1,350 square feetYears lived in: 1 When you consider how much time we spend at work – it makes sense that we want to love our work space. If you’re lucky enough to be entrepreneur and in charge of your own studio, that’s exactly what you can do.
Apr 26, 2010
How to Shop for Cast Iron Cookware
Cast iron rocks—it’s durable enough to last over generations, and it’s one of the few things you can buy for your home that improves with age. When you’re shopping for cast iron, prices can vary widely and there are a few key issues to consider. Here’s our guide to help you figure out what type is right for you.
Apr 26, 2010
From the Closet to the Kitchen: A T-Shirt Transformation
(Image credit: Apartment Therapy) In our younger years, we spent almost every night of the week at the local concert hall photographing bands as they came through town. It was a fantastic job and we built a killer t-shirt collection along the way, but one can only own so many t-shirts before they consume your
Apr 26, 2010
Sarah & Sebastian’s Playful Renovation
Name: Sebastian & SarahLocation: Noordhoek — Cape Town, South AfricaSize: 2,360 square feet homeYears lived in: 2 (unrenovated) and 1 (as you see it) Meeting Sarah and Sebastian in their wonderfully colorful home was a breath of fresh air — a home where you instantly fall in love with the building and its inhabitants. It’s inviting and interesting without overwhelming your senses — casual chic at its best!
Apr 21, 2010
Tiffany and Jaan’s Scandinavian Inspired Flat
Name: Tiffany and Jaan OrvetLocation: San Francisco, CASize: 800 square feetYears lived in: 2 years Tiffany met her Swedish husband Jaan while working abroad in the UK. While they now call San Francisco home, they’ve brought a bit of Jaan’s home country into their flat (Tiffany also runs From Sthlm so that you can as well).
Apr 20, 2010
Setting the Spring Table: Leafy, Flowery Dishes
The onset of spring weather always makes me want to pack up my plain white dishes and break out plates adorned with petals. A botanical print plate can set the tone for a dinner party or picnic all on its own, with very little other decoration needed. We’ve gathered up some favorites and compiled a
Apr 20, 2010
How to Skip DVD Previews and Get Straight to the Movie
Imagine getting ready to curl up inside your humble and comfy little abode. You’ve popped in a DVD and made your way to the kitchen to gather up some delicious treats and crack open a frosty brew. But when you sit down with your grub, you find yourself sitting through what seems like endless and unskippable movie previews and piracy warnings—what a buzzkill. If only you knew the remote-control trick that works on nearly every DVD Player (Hint: It’s not the menu button.
Apr 19, 2010
Kitchen Cleaning: 10 Smart Sources
Spring’s been officially here for a while, and now’s the time when many people deep clean their homes. If you’re tackling the kitchen, it helps to have good supplies on hand. Here are some of our favorite sources for smart cleaning tools.
Apr 19, 2010
Ivonne’s Gutsy Renovation
Name: Ivonne CasasLocation: Williamsburg, BrooklynSize: 1,800 square feet — now, 450 square feetYears lived in: 13 years Rent or Own: Rent Ivonne’s South Williamsburg loft lives in infamy. In 2008 the building was suddenly evacuated by the fire department citing “imminent danger” due to broken standpipes and a basement full of matzo wheat which could combust at any moment.
Apr 14, 2010
Storage Containers to Fit Under Very Low Bed?
Q: I have a full size IKEA Malm Bed. I love the look of low bedframes, but have trouble storing anything under the bed since it only has a 5″ clearance underneath. It seems like I can only find 6″ ones. Are there any underbed storage containers that are less than 5″? Sent by Stephanie Editor: Please share your suggestions, sources and ideas with Stephanie in the comments below – thanks! • Got a question?
Apr 14, 2010
The Frankfurt Kitchen: Small, Cool 1926
In honor of this year’s Small, Cool Contest, let’s take a look at the celebrated Frankfurt Kitchen, designed by Margarete Schütte-Lihotzky in 1926, where reduced space meant increased efficiency, and was key to the kitchen’s transformation into a rationalized modern domestic laboratory. • Read the full post at Apartment Therapy
Apr 12, 2010
Dana’s Yellowtrace Sydney Apartment
Name: Dana HughesLocation: Sydney, AustraliaSize: 100 square meters [1075 square feet]Years lived in: 8 months After discovering Dana’s beautiful blog Yellowtrace a few months back, we have been addicted to the impressive interviews, features and photography. Through her interior design work, it was clear Dana had an amazing eye — it’s thrilling to see how her style is reflected in her own Sydney apartment that she shares with her husband.
Apr 9, 2010
Entryway Kitchen
This small studio apartment in Chicago looks like it hasn’t been moved into yet. It’s got some great potential, though, and we’re really digging this great use of the entrance hallway: It’s also the kitchen! • Read the full post at Apartment Therapy
Apr 9, 2010
New Blu-ray Discs Won’t Play in Old Blu-ray Players
In the ongoing history of technology, there will always be bigger and better digital formats coming along to try and dethrone the top dog. VHS won over BetaMax, and Blu-ray beat out HD DVDs—but who will beat out Blu-ray? Well if it’s up to Sony, Blu-ray XL will. That’s right, Sony’s seemingly begun eating its own tail and releasing new Blu-ray XL discs that aren’t compatible with current Blu-ray players (including the PS3!).
Apr 8, 2010
Gorenje for iPod Refrigerator
Gorenje’s new refrigerator, designed for the iPod Touch, combines a top notch refrigerator (with A+ energy excellence and high quality accessories) with a built-in speaker dock for the iPod touch (Complete with additional speaker outputs). • Read the full post at Unplggd
Apr 8, 2010
Our 10 Favorite Small Kitchens
Yesterday being Easter, many people spent hours cooking in their large or small kitchens. We have a galley kitchen, which at times we find very unpractical. However, when we see just how little square footage some kitchens have to work with and how beautiful the kitchens look, we are awestruck. • Read the full post
Apr 6, 2010
Joe’s Industrial Milwaukee Retreat
Name: Joe LocherLocation: MilwaukeeSize: Two spaces, 3,000 sq ft eachYears lived/worked in: 1 year What do you get when you take three creative artists, an old cream city brick hardware company building, abandoned industrial hardware, redwood forest scrap wood and passion for design? You get an amazing work-live space that inspires more of the creativity that built it.
Apr 5, 2010
Backyard Farmers: 25 Websites You Should Be Reading
While browsing Urban Farm’s website today, we came across their list of online resources for all things local and sustainable, including their recommended beekeeping, gardening, and backyard farming blogs. We’ll share a sampling of their list, and then YOU can tell us what blogs/websites you read!
Apr 5, 2010
Annie’s Earthy Nest In Echo Park
Name: Annie RocchioLocation: Echo ParkSize: 700 square feetYears lived in: 10 months We were thrilled to find out that Annie lived in our backyard of Echo Park (making this House Tour right around the corner). As we strolled up to her complex, we instantly felt like we were in Palm Springs, 1962. Thanks to the management company that owns Annie’s building, they overhauled it, taking it back in time (but in the best way possible).
Apr 2, 2010
Beautiful Family Kitchens
For your morning inspiration- we’ve rounded up a few beautiful kitchens. Even if you’re not in the position to overhaul your whole kitchen, there are plenty of family-friendly ideas here that you can easily integrate. Think colorful bunting, chalkboard walls, or open shelving. • Read the full post at Ohdeedoh
Apr 2, 2010
Joni and Eric’s Home Of Family Treasures
Name: Joni and Eric (with daughters Elsa, 7 and Ava, 4)Location: Bellevue, WashingtonSize: 2,800 square feetYears lived in: 3 years As a professional stylist Joni effortlessly blends her love of vintage pieces with her other cherished objects: her family. Homeowners Joni and Eric designed a home where family comes first. It is a place where creativity and style naturally share space to create a warm and welcoming environment.
Apr 1, 2010
What to Display on Shelving in the Kitchen
Open shelving in the kitchen is a nice idea, but can sometimes be hard to pull off. Recently our editor, Grace, wrote about her own frustrations with this type of look. We want to share some inspirational examples of open shelving in real homes. Maybe it will change your mind and if you love this
Apr 1, 2010