Heather & Alex’s Nostalgic Cottage in the City
Name: Heather Taylor (Gallery Co-Owner & Lifestyle Blogger) and Alex de Cordoba (Gallery Co-Owner & Social Media Consultant)Location: Spaulding Square – Hollywood, CaliforniaSize: 1600 square feetYears lived in: 3 years Heather and Alex embrace all the character that their home embodies. They love their wood paneling in the bathroom and definitely appreciate the generous windows that allow for natural light.
Nov 30, 2011
Before & After: A Preppy Makeover for a Beat-Up Dresser
When Meg’s sister had a baby boy, she knew she wanted to give her new nephew a special present to welcome him into the family. She found a dresser on Craigslist desperately in need of a makeover and saw the potential for the perfect gift. Though many would agree with her husband’s assessment that it was only good for firewood, Meg had a vision of what a little paint could do.
Nov 30, 2011
Before & After: From Wrecked to Airy White Kitchen
Lots of us have dreamed of designing fantasy kitchens with all the bells and whistles. Then our actual budgets deliver a brutal reality check. That’s the case with this “before,” which belongs to a house that was bought to be fixed up and flipped. The owners couldn’t spend a lot of money, so they made up for it with smart shopping and a barrel of elbow grease.
Nov 30, 2011
Alex & Wendy’s Evolving Victorian
Name: Alex and Wendy and their adorable pets, Lulu and MelLocation: Alexandria, VirginiaSize: 2,000 square feetYears lived in: 9 Situated just off the main street in the historic district of Old Town Alexandria, Alex and Wendy’s home is the epitome of the classic elegance that defines the city’s character.
Nov 29, 2011
Small Project: Sprucing Up Inside the Cabinets
Tackling the smallest projects in my home always seem to create the most happiness. Sure giving a room a new coat of paint is exciting, but most of us live with some silly repair need for far too long, so when it’s finally fixed, it’s like this marvelous miracle. So today, I’d like to talk about the area under your sink. Did you know it could make you happy? Oh it totally can.
Nov 29, 2011
Is It Safe to Mount Your TV Over the Fireplace?
Out of all of the options available for mounting your flat-screen television, you’ve decided to save space and go for above-the-fireplace placement. Good move! Or is it? (dun-dun-dunnnnnn…) Is the heat from your fireplace doing damage to your TV? Could your mounting decision end up voiding your warranty?Sorry for the eleven-o’-clock news-y intro, but this is critical info for anyone who cares about their gear. Want to know if fireplace placement is safe for your gear?
Nov 29, 2011
Beth & Brian’s Fashionably Eclectic “Chic Grandma” Home
Name: Beth and Brian JonesLocation: Costa Mesa, CaliforniaSize: 1,350 square feetYears lived in: 1 — Rent (interiors were originally designed by JR Walz) Style blogger Beth Jones and her husband Brian live in an unassuming multi unit condo in Costa Mesa. By “unassuming” I simply mean that from the outside you would never know that this creative eclectic interior exists in there. They have exposed raw wood beamed ceilings with plenty of vintage charm and a huge open patio space.
Nov 28, 2011
Kirstyn’s Peaceful Pacific Heights Hideaway
Name: KirstynLocation: Pacific Heights — San Francisco, CaliforniaSize: 700 square feetYears lived in: 2 — rented Kirstyn’s apartment is the quintessential San Francisco home, chock full of the impeccable architectural details we go crazy for. Each element, from the built-ins, to the molding, to the hardware, has been restored and finished with care.
Nov 22, 2011
Seasonal Produce Centerpieces as Sustainable Tablescapes
A colorful bouquet of flowers is like therapy, it instantly puts a smile on my face. But purchasing weekly arrangements is a habit I can’t afford to sustain. Fall produce provides a great alternative to your standard floral centerpiece with the benefit of a longer life. Check out this roundup of tabletop decor that embraces
Nov 22, 2011
Kay’s Curated Somerville Nest
Name: Kay McGowan of Mohr & McPherson and A Curated WorldLocation: Somerville, MassachusettsSize: 1500 square feetYears lived in: 4 — rented When it comes to eclectic furnishings and housewares from around the world, Mohr & McPherson is a Boston institution. One of the forces behind that institution is Kay McGowan, the general manager for the past 15 years. This woman knows her imports.
Nov 21, 2011
Before & After: Using Concrete Stain to Makeover Brick
Ever since I was little my mother has been plotting a makeover for the giant floor to ceiling brick fireplace in their living room. She doesn’t want to paint it or cover it up. So when I came across this interesting staining technique it seemed like a great alternative. I know many deal with the same issue and this might be a great alternative for you as well!We checked in over at Ask Anna Moseley and she’s been painting her brick.
Nov 21, 2011
The Jewelry of the Table: Napkin Rings
Napkin rings are the jewelry of the holiday table, the finishing touch that can really pull everything together. Whether your setting is rustic or glam, modern or crafty, here are 10 napkin rings for every table… • Read the full post at Apartment Therapy
Nov 21, 2011
Michael’s Mid-Century Modern Abode
Name: Freelance writer/director Michael Holbrook Moss, his youngest daughter, Adrian, little dog Peanut and lab Zoe.Location: Barton Hills — Austin, TexasSize: 1950 square feetYears lived in: 14 — owned With cool blues music pouring out of a stereo from a gorgeous wall of built-in cabinets and surrounded by vintage furniture finds, we immediately felt at home in the house of talented writer and director Michael Moss.
Nov 18, 2011
Before & After: Battered Dresser Goes from Drab to Fab
The tagline for Julia’s blog and furniture design business is “from ugly ducklings to beautiful swans”, an accurate description for the transformation she achieved with this battered Craigslist find. Purchased from a family that just didn’t have the space to hang onto grandma’s dresser any longer, this piece was crying out for a little TLC.
Nov 18, 2011
Bradley’s Mini Historic Echo Park Home
Name: Bradley DuncanLocation: Echo Park – Los Angeles, CaliforniaSize: 500 square feetYears lived in: 1 year When Bradley moved from Chicago to Los Angeles he looked at multiple apartments and rentals. Nothing felt like home until he finally agreed to look at a newly renovated duplex in Echo Park. The home dates back to some of the first houses in Echo Park and is made from concrete. The space was small, but had original architectural features that sold him on the rental.
Nov 17, 2011
Klemens & Robert’s Sophisticated Eastern Mix
Name: Klemens Affandy and Robert DelaneyLocation: Grange Park— Toronto, CanadaSize: 1250 square feet; 2 bedroom + denYears lived in: 4 — owned While Klemens and Robert’s 15th floor condo offers stunning views of the surrounding neighborhood and Toronto’s downtown, it’s their interior that really shines. This bright and spacious space embeds tranquil Eastern elements within a modern, urban envelope.
Nov 16, 2011
Make Your Own View-Master Reels
Last weekend I unearthed my old View-Master and a ziploc bag full of reels. It was so fun to see my son discover images from my childhood in 3D, and the only thing that could be more special would be images from his own childhood. This kit makes it possible.Using a digital camera and Photoshop, users can create custom reels that fit a standard View-Master.
Nov 15, 2011
Beautiful Bar Carts
Bar carts are making a huge comeback and we’re 100% on board with that. Entertaining doesn’t always involve booze; but typically when we do break out the bottles, bar carts make it a little easier. • Read the full post at Apartment Therapy
Nov 14, 2011
Before & After: A Server Goes Back to Basics
When Cynthia picked up the server above at auction, it was completely covered in that creamy yellow paint; she was so eager to begin the redo, she didn’t even take true before pics! Though not a fan of the paint treatment, Cynthia loved the lines of this little server and price tag of $20 was hard to pass up.
Nov 11, 2011
Before & After: Wicker Chair Made Pretty
There’s nothing particularly wrong with this wicker chair. It’s got a nice shape and nice legs. It’s just so…brown. But not for long!Oh, spray paint, is there nothing you can’t do? This chair is so pretty now! Kendra from Sweet Magnolia Way has been working on a big girl room for her daughter so she pulled this forgotten brown chair up from the basement and gave it new life with a few coats of spray paint.
Nov 11, 2011
Caitlin Creates an Artist Retreat in the Hills
Name: Caitlin WyldeLocation: Echo Park – Los Angeles, CaliforniaSize: 1500 square feetYears lived in: 13 years I fell in love with Caitlin’s home immediately as I walked through the red and white striped entryway. With her collection of vintage finds from New England and ship decor I felt like I was on vacation in the East Coast.Caitlin’s place is filled with her collections and her own art.
Nov 10, 2011
Good Tip: Add Temporary Color To Your Bookcase
Want to add some color to your bookcase but are a afraid of making a long term commitment? You can experiment with as bold a color you like with this simple, temporary foam board trick.That’s right. Foam board. Cut the foam board to fit in the back of the case and paint it any color you want. Hey, paint each side differently and switch it up twice a year if you like. If you have a bookcase with no back, even easier, tack the painted foam board to the whole backside.
Nov 10, 2011
12 Tips for Arranging the Perfect Buffet Table
Whether the occassion’s Thanksgiving, a Friday night potluck with friends or Sunday brunch, serving your food “buffet-style” is the easiest way to feed a large group. Here are our best tips for arranging the table for a presentation that’s stylish and streamlined and gets your party moving!• Position the table away from the main eating area: This ensures people will move around and mingle, two keys to a great party.
Nov 9, 2011
Apple 27″ Cinema Display vs. Apple 27″ Thunderbolt Display
Around February 2011 I picked up an Apple 27″ LED Cinema Display for my home office, as a way to help upsize the screen real estate on my 2008-era MacBook Pro. I loved it, and there was absolutely nothing wrong with it when the Thunderbolt Display came out, so I didn’t think anything of it. Then I bought a 13″ MacBook Air, and next thing I know, I’m putting the original 27-incher on Craigslist…But why would I do that?
Nov 9, 2011
Steve & Stacey’s Vintage-Inspired DIY Modern Apartment
Name: Steve Reidell and Stacey MarquardtLocation: Humboldt Park — Chicago, IllinoisSize: 1200 square feetYears lived in: 3 — rented At the risk of sounding creepy, I am enamored with Steve and Stacey and their amazing style. Not only do they both have cool jobs, theyalso live in this fabulously decorated vintage apartment. Plus, Stacey is a DIY Queen — a girl after my own heart! What is not to love?! Steve is a DJ and the man behind The Hood Internet.
Nov 8, 2011
Creating a Modern Dining Atmosphere
A great meal is made up of far more than delicious food. It’s an experience that is built by the environment, the company, and the cuisine. With the holidays on the horizon, it’s time to dust off your table and take a second look at your dining space. • Read the full post at Apartment
Nov 8, 2011
Rachel’s Mid Century Rancho Hideaway
Name: Rachel Thurston, her husband Grant and their baby NovaLocation: Rancho — Long Beach, CaliforniaSize: 1,300 square feetYears lived in: 1 year — Rent Rachel and her husband live in an original atomic ranch home designed in the 60’s by architect Cliff May. To bring out the true essence of this home they chose simple Mid Century Modern aesthetics and rich colors. Many thanks to Julie Maigret for introducing me to Rachel.
Nov 7, 2011
Fall Tabletop Inspiration from Weddings
Even if you’re not planning a wedding, other people’s big days can provide plenty of inspiration for entertaining at home. Consider a few of these ideas for your dinner or holiday parties. • Read the full post at Re-Nest
Nov 7, 2011
Julie & Rob’s Current Twist on Mid Century Modern
Name: Rob and Julie MaigretLocation: Los Feliz — Los Angeles, CaliforniaSize: 3000 square feetYears lived in: 3 — Own Interior designer Julie Maigret and her husband Rob, live in their dream house right at the foothills of Griffith Park. Fashioning a current spin on Mid Century Modern influenced design, they have created a warm and inviting space to dwell in.
Nov 4, 2011
Pillow Talk: Pillows for Long Distance Lovers
If you’ve ever been separated from your loved one, or been in a long distance relationship, you know how hard it can be. For me, the worst part is always at night. When the busy-ness of the day recedes and it’s time to settle down and go to sleep – that’s when I miss my sweetheart the worst.
Nov 4, 2011
Before & After: Thrift Store Dresser Goes Two Tone
When Erin fell in love with a DIY dresser re-do found online, she just knew she wanted to create her own version. She kept her eye out for a suitable dresser for her house, finally snapping one up at a local thrift store. Though smaller and blockier than her inspiration piece, the piece was perfect for the two-tone treatment she wanted to try.Erin painted and primed the frame of the dresser with a lovely blue-grey (Cement Grey by Behr), then sanded and stained the drawers in Ebony (by Minwax).
Nov 4, 2011
Nancy, Ethan, & Ohle’s 1903 Cabin in the Country
Name: Nancy Neil & Ethan BrostedtLocation: Carpinteria, CaliforniaSize: 1600 Square Feet – 2 bed, 2 bathYears lived in: 4 years Nancy and Ethan’s 1903 cabin features a wrap around porch and is situated on 80 acres. They rent the home from a friend whose family has owned the property since 1846. Because the home is so special and the grounds are magical, they don’t have any plans on moving anytime soon.
Nov 3, 2011
Doryn’s Glamorous Return to the City
Name: DorynLocation: West Village, New YorkSize: 4000 square feet, 4 bedroom, 3.5 bath townhouseYears Lived In: 7 months After a few years of adhering to the widely held belief that having kids means moving to the suburbs, Doryn and her husband decided they could no longer live with that choice, and moved back to Manhattan. Fortunate enough to be able to afford a comparable square footage to that of their suburban home, Doryn and her husband found a townhouse they could love.
Nov 2, 2011
Before and After: A Little Girl’s Nightstand
Nothing about this nightstand screams out ‘I belong in a little girl’s room.’ But maybe that’s because I don’t know how to listen. The transformation this nightstand undergoes should encourage all of us to give our old furniture a second look and a closer listen.Melissa at Houseography must be a furniture whisperer to see a nightstand for her little girl in that solid old oak piece from her grandparents.
Nov 2, 2011
On Keeping Food Scraps Out Of The Trash
I love when an easy solution to a household problem is a green one. Recently a friend decided to start collecting kitchen scraps because they were growing mold in her trash can and attracting fruit flies. Not fun. She found herself having to take the trash out more often or she’d come home to a
Nov 2, 2011
Before & After: Danny Seo Gets Organized
The image above is of the Danny that the world knows. Calm, cool, organized…let’s just say, Martha-like in his homemaking skills. Well, here is proof that everybody has a spot in their home that could use a little attention.
Nov 1, 2011
Vinegar Prevents Squirrels from Eating Jack-O-Lanterns
This is coming a day late, but we’ll be filing this away for next year: When we prepped our stoop for trick-or-treaters last night, we swept the stairs, turned on the lights, then went to light a candle in the jack-o-lantern. That’s when we noticed his face had been gnawed away – eyes, nose, and mouth – into one gigantic hole:Squirrels are relentless at this time of year as they prepare for the long, cold, and fruitless winter.
Nov 1, 2011