This Candle Explains Your Zodiac, Numerology, and Tarot Cards Based on Your Birthday

published Jul 9, 2019
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Astrology is thriving in internet meme culture, and we’re not exactly mad at it. Here at Apartment Therapy, we write about things like monthly home horoscopes and the best affordable cities for each zodiac sign. Our latest astrological obsession? Birthdate Candles.

Like the name suggests, the candles have to do with your birthdate—all 366 of them (yes, February 29 babies get one, too). With each date in mind, the candles feature personalized astrology, numerology, and tarot elements right on the jar. Translation: a custom-made present for every loved one’s (and your own) birthday.

Ajay Mehta, co-founder of Birthdate Candles, was surrounded by astrology growing up. “My family is from India, and I would say it’s even bigger there [than here],” Mehta told Apartment Therapy. “People use astrology to determine when you should get married, or who you should get married to, or where you should live, or what work you should do. It rules a lot of aspects in people’s lives.”

Mehta noticed that the popularity of astrology starting to spread across many generations, and his own interest led him to download Co – star, an app that generates daily horoscopes customized to each person’s chart. “I remember being like, wow, this is so specific. It’s not just saying oh, you’re an Aries or a Cancer, but it goes a layer deeper through looking at your specific birth chart and what it says about you.”

Mehta partnered with John Fiorentino, creator of the Gravity Blanket and Moon Pod, to start formulating an idea of what is now known as Birthdate Candles. Over the last year and a half, they worked with astrologers to personalize each candle, highlighting each birthday’s zodiac sign, decan, ruling planet, strengths and weaknesses, as well as the personality description on the back.

Even the scent is specific to your zodiac sign’s core personality. “We have 12 individualized scents as of right now, and they’re based on astrological readings of the signs they’re representing,” Mehta says. “We basically did a bunch of readings to identify some of the core characteristics of each sign.” Take Cancers, for example, who tend to be extremely anxious and emotional. That sign’s particular scent has chamomile for its relaxing qualities, among notes of white rose and lemon.  

In addition to astrology, the candles showcase your ruling number and tarot card, both of which are explained in detail on the back. Plus, the detailed design across the product makes it a visual piece of art in itself.

The quality was also very important when creating the candle, which has a soy, coconut, and apricot wax blend that burns for 60-80 hours.

“We wanted to make sure it was something that people thought was a beautiful, premium candle that they love giving as gifts,” Mehta says.

Oh, and most definitely yourself.