It’s Cancer Season: Here’s Your July 2019 Home Horoscope

published Jul 9, 2019
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Credit: Kath Nash

Unzip your furniture covers and skinny dip straight into the couch pillows, cosmic voyagers. July’s cosmic medicine is a wet and wild cocktail of deep feels, as Cancer’s turquoise aquatics flood the skies.

The zodiac’s Little Mermaid tucks in far below the surface, reminding us of the private treasures that are meant only for our own hearts. The tide is high for dressing yourself up in whatever sensations arise, content to steer the ship on instinct, and make no apologies for your emotion oceans.

With Mercury stationing retrograde for the second time this year, it’s a month for magical magnetics rather than out-and-out mojo, as we learn to trust that our desires are on their way to our doors like summoned lovers. Can you live in the space of longing while still wanting exactly what you’ve got? With the zodiac’s most sensitized celestial bodies, Neptune and Chiron, also rolling retro, it’s high time to up your thread count and sink into the sheets, armed with the knowledge that you’re meant to feel it to heal it.

And as Eclipse Season dawns along the Cancer-Capricorn axis, the question of soul-shaped self-care rituals is up for review. Are you good to yourself, cosmic voyagers? Do you treat yourself like you would a beloved? Trick out your guest room and break out the best china. You deserve to book the honeymoon suite in your very own home …

Credit: Kath Nash

Cancer & Cancer Rising

In the Stars: Last month invited you to flex your selfhood muscle, dear fishy, capturing the clarity of who you are when you stand apart from the crowd. And July wants you to build on all those self-expression reps, as your birthday month asks you to capitalize on your capacity to choose yourself. Take this time to carefully consider your options, Cancer. And let this process of celebrating the possibilities bring you immense pleasure. Your engine is revving and all you need to do is turn your body in the direction that sparks the most excitement. Make it a summer blockbuster.

In Your Space: Epic aesthetics are on the table, Cancer, and whatever home design upgrades you’ve been contemplating are ready to roll. Don’t be afraid to make it larger than life, as you hack through a wall or start a long-planned renovation. Whatever plans you make, commit to them with your full body and spirit, letting redesigns of your home reflect your capacity to call the shots in your day-to-day. And even if you’re not ready for a gut reno, you can start by dressing up your front door, fully preparing your threshold for your climb out of the oyster shell and into the world.  

Credit: Kath Nash

Leo & Leo Rising

In the Stars: June found you giving it away and turning it loose, Glitter Kitten, so firm in your flame that you could generously spread the light. And while you don’t need to stop sporting your heart on your sleeve, take July to consider where you could stand your ground, digging into what’s firmly yours and summoning the courage to claim it. This doesn’t need to involve any combat though, and starts with believing that you simply have the right to take up space. Where have you grown small, slipping through the cat flap? Commit to entering and exiting through the front door with nothing to hide.

In Your Space: Majesty is your mood board word, Leo, and this can start with identifying objects and furniture pieces that are literally falling apart. Fortify, reupholster, and commit to acts of home finery, saving up for the cast iron instead of saving money on the aluminum. Pay special attention to your literal hearth with elaborate floor rugs and decked out mantles, imagining that your living room was a hunting lodge fit for reliving your triumphs. You may even want to up the actual size of your TV. Let your whole home become your lion’s den, secure in the sensation that you have every right to inhabit it like royalty.

Credit: Kath Nash

Virgo & Virgo Rising

In the Stars: June was made for subtle shifts as you learned to build greater trust in your instincts, and to let nuanced, simple adjustments to your beliefs ripple out into your wider world. July’s overall energy is majorly emo, leading us back home to our own brand of self-care. And for you Virgo, this takes the shape of “enoughness.” Where have you had it? Where has the autopilot of an experience simply run its course? And where do you need help? Though you’re perpetually poised at other people’s bedsides, it’s time to let yourself be served. Lay down your cutlery and commit to asking for some assistance preparing your next snack.

In Your Space: July’s call to repurpose your fires before you end up in burn-out mode is perfectly channeled through your kitchen space, and you’re asked to make things more easeful here. Maybe it’s a meal kit service so you don’t have to creatively conceptualize every bite you take. Or some kind of chopper or grinder or rotating rack that saves you some sweat. It’s time to peel the to-do lists from the fridge and expand your collection of scented candles, imagining that every area of the house was made for relaxation. Let it smell sweet, Virgo, swapping DIY exhaustion for practice decadence.

Credit: Kath Nash

Libra & Libra Rising

In the Stars: June asked you to heal the world, and yourself, through conscious choices of thoughts and words. And with watery energies opening the floodgates in July, you’re asked to further expand your capacity to put your energy in the “right” place. But before you get all heady, Libra, take a moment to tap into your instincts, imagining that your whole life was a plant and that you could easily identify the leaves that had begun to wither. Get your snippers out, sweet one, and get to work tending to what’s truly thriving rather than what’s simply hanging on.

In Your Space: No matter what kinds of greenery you’re currently able to incubate in your home, July is prime time to treat your space like a hothouse, cultivating room for plant life in some form, even if it’s simply cut or dried flowers in fancy vases. Let these blooms serve as meditative focal points, and treat yourself to a serene line of sight. While you’re at it, take a look at what’s in your field of vision elsewhere, whether it’s a nightstand table that you last see before bed, or the centerpiece on a breakfast table. For a Venus-ruled air sign, visual aesthetics are key to your energetic expansion. Make sure that you’re resting your gaze on altars emblematic of exactly where you want to place your attention.  

Credit: Kath Nash

Scorpio & Scorpio Rising

In the Stars: June found you filling up with the force of your own desires, and now armed with your longings, July invites you to plunge into the river rapids and ride the storm. Cancer energy is here to teach you about embracing your personal creative expression, and this month is all about not even thinking before you deep dive, letting whatever wants to be unleashed come up and out with the inevitability of a summer thunderstorm. And whether it’s a necessary but difficult convo about a relationship that’s ready for renovation, or a delicious creative project that you can’t keep to yourself anymore, can you actually find pleasure in the experience of sweet release? Scream it into the night Scorpio and relish the reverb.

In Your Space: Deck out your dungeon, Scorpio. July asks you to treat your home like an over-the-top expression of your life’s rapidly shifting rhythms. Don’t be afraid to make things bigger, and to let the speed of your space increase. Maybe it’s a Roomba that races around the edges, sucking up dust. Or a new stove top that lets you work multiple pans at once with ease and excitement. Immersion is your guiding light right now, so let yourself get completely lost in a rehab project, disappearing into the basement to woodwork your dreams into existence, or tearing up the whole backyard with gleeful yelps as the dirt flies.

Credit: Kath Nash

Sagittarius & Sagittarius Rising

In the Stars: June was an opportunity to smell the roses, Wild Pony, as you practiced greater vulnerability and presence to all that was sweet. July’s energies are an extension of these labors of love, and you’re invited to consider the force of all that you’ve set in motion without having to stick your hands in the oven before the cake has risen. Water sign cosmic energies are here to teach you about the inevitability of your intentionality. The power of your dreams to chart their own course. Take July to tap into your own flavor of faith, finding soul security in the natural rhythms that are unfolding.

In Your Space: Whatever your personal spiritual proclivities, let your space be filled with the serenity of a religious retreat. Maybe it’s crafting little altars of your favorite objects. Or burning some incense at the thresholds between rooms. You can let yourself keep it small, allowing something as simple as a single rose left on your pillow to build your trust in the completeness of your world. Pay special attention to window sills, treating these as powerful points of dreaming without having to scheme. Look out through the panes from your lair, trusting that the Sun will rise without you having to pull it up into the sky.

Credit: Kath Nash

Capricorn & Capricorn Rising

In the Stars: With June ushering you into a kind of “make do” magic, as you harnessed whatever weather arrived and stamped it with your signature style, July asks you to drop into the deep stillness of not having to “do” anything at all. Start by considering your pacing, and what seems to dictate it. If you’re feeling rushed, what is the origin of this urge to keep in motion? Could it be distracting you from a deeper feeling channel that lies beneath the surface of the hurricane? Wherever you feel caught in a whirlwind, you’re asked to settle down and dig in, committing to following the schedule of your emotional sensations, rather than an externally-imposed rubric of success.

In Your Space: This slow and low languidness is perfectly paired with a trip to your bathtub, Cappy, as you let yourself sink into the waters of self-care with the candles lit and the ringer off. Your energetic invitation is to dive down beneath, and you can start by considering the literal verticality of your space, focusing on centerpieces in rooms instead of the edges, burying yourself in pillow piles rather than lusting after a skylight. Consider a circular coach instead of an armchair pushed hard against the wall, and soften any furniture frenetics by streamlining colors and stripping away at overloaded shelves.

Credit: Kath Nash

Aquarius & Aquarius Rising

In the Stars: June asked you to come into your communion with your own irreplaceable flair, a reminder that you deserve to sing it loud and proud in your own musical style. July builds on this individualized work, as you explore your origins and inherited beliefs. What is your current Life 101 curriculum, Aquarius? And what patterning might be running on autopilot that’s in need of closer inquiry? While you’re a sign who loves to break it up and shake it up, you can sometimes get stuck inside of a newly crafted form. Open yourself wide to even your most tightly held credos this July, leaving the library books behind and hitting the streets for even wilder forms of experiential knowledge.

In Your Space: Your space should feel as flexibly in “flux” as possible, Aquarius, and although you don’t need to make a literal mess, harness the energy of just having moved in. Put some cluttered objects in storage boxes. Order-in from a new restaurant instead of reheating the same old soup. And savor a deep clean of the spaces that are focused on absorption and ablution, snaking the drains, and polishing the fridge shelves. You’re exploring how you take things into your system this month, Aquarius, and the channel should feel clear and graceful. Get your mail slot in order and cleanse those vents.  

Credit: Kath Nash

Pisces & Pisces Rising

In the Stars: With June’s dream queen energy inviting you to tend to your visions with intrepid sweetness and focused force, July finds you ready to ride. While plenty of planets are now rolling retro, this doesn’t need to be a dramatic push to effort, but is instead connected to careful inquiries about the edges of your comfort zone. What is starting to feel a little stale, Pisces? What habit patterns are running on empty, losing fuel by the sheer momentum of your greater desire for change? With watery energies ruling the skies, you’re asked to consider questions of emotional security, and where the excitement of new potential might be trumping your urge to simply toe the line.

In Your Space: Let the old and the new mix and mingle in your space, as you treat your lair like a vintage throwback rather than an unchangeable museum. Give old photographs new frames. Embrace mid-century modern pieces, and antique finds with upgraded upholstery. These shifts in your space don’t have to feel overly dramatic, and you can start with one corner or surface, feeling into what’s ready to go on a case-by-case basis and releasing any tightly held objects on your own time. Pay special attention to the areas that prepare you to enter the world, upgrading coat and shoe racks as you ready yourself to relish inevitable departures.

Credit: Kath Nash

Aries & Aries Rising

In the Stars: Following June’s deep invitations to emotionally befriend everything you thought needed to be fixed, July finds you fresh and clean, with a newfound clarity to your fire. But what if you didn’t have to leap into action, immediately making good on the promise of this glow, Aries? This month’s watery energies, and a retrograde Chiron in your sign, want you to first simply behold yourself before spreading your seed. Where do you deny yourself pleasure, Aries? Why are you stifling that smile? July is a lesson in the sheer joy of living. Remember that the mere act of your incarnation is a gift to the world.  

In Your Space: Keep it simple, Aries, imagining that your space was a hotel room complete with the necessary luxuries but without any traces of distracting excess. You can find deep delight in daily divinity right now, savoring the snap of a tupperware container and the polished look of a bathroom mirror. Regardless of the room, let each area of your space feel like a just-washed kitchen, favoring easy-to-clean tiles, new linens, and citrus palettes. There is softness to be found inside the minimalism, as you revel in a return to yourself, content to rest on your laurels sans spatial clutter.

Credit: Kath Nash

Taurus & Taurus Rising

In the Stars: With June’s soft calls towards greater vulnerability and the power of forgiveness under your belt, you’re stepping into July rock solid, tucked into your heart like never before. July’s medicine is a kind of mini-retreat for you, Taurus, as you shore up your boundaries and learn to lock your backdoor. While this doesn’t have to feel defensive or harsh, you are being asked to consider any energy leaks, and what actually doesn’t make you feel safe on a soul level. This month’s watery cosmic energies are an invitation to synch up with your instincts. If something doesn’t feel good all over your body, make like an animal and head for cover.

In Your Space: No matter your personal aesthetics, there can be something of the log cabin about your space this month, as you choose materials that are meant to endure the elements, and attend to any holes and busted screens that are letting too much of the world inside. While it is the start of summertime in the Northern Hemisphere, you’re asked to close the sliding door behind you firmly if you’re headed to an outdoor deck, favoring clear boundaries over porous circulation. And carefully consider any tech distractions that are creating more buzz than feels beautiful, taking time to shut down screens long before you tuck in.

Credit: Kath Nash

Gemini & Gemini Rising

In the Stars: After the wide open call of June to look without seeking, relishing the ride of an energetic scavenger hunt, July asks you to consider the deeper questions of your existence. Quite simply put, why do you believe you’re here on earth Gemini? This inquiry doesn’t have to signal an existential crisis, but is instead an opportunity to consider your values. In the fire of your life, what would you commit to saving? What projects, partnerships, and efforts are most vitally fulfilling to your whole self? This month is the time to attend to anything that you keep coming back for, but which leaves you with a “less than” sense of hunger. You deserve a full meal, Gemstone. Start ordering like it.

In Your Space: Let this sense of finger-licking fullness fill your space, Gemini, and start by stuffing your literal cabinets with treats and treasures. While you don’t have to prepare for the apocalypse, relish the hunkered down feeling of having more than enough on hand, delighting in back-up bathroom products and extra sugar. Let filling your lair with goodness reveal what’s ready to be pushed to the curb, starting with where you want to expand rather than toss out.  As you focus on plumping up certain areas, inevitable purges of what just doesn’t fit anymore will feel organic.