AT on Cleaning Your Housekeys

This didn’t start as a post. It started yesterday because we spilled coffee all over our keys as we were trying to get into the office (bad coffee lid) and the resulting mess was so unpleasant we took the whole key bundle to the bathroom for a cleaning.

As we considered putting all the keys under the water, our first thought was that we shouldn’t do it. Somehow, keys in our mind were associated with all sorts of things that shouldn’t get wet, like batteries, a wallet or a watch. How silly…

But then we realized that NEVER in our life have we ever washed our keys. Suddenly we were totally grossed out. We dunked them under the warm water and began soaping them up.

Our thoughts ran rampant.

What could be dirtier?

A dog’s mouth?
Old gum?
A pole grip on the subway?

Certainly, our lowly keys had to be up there.

Our keys in their current configuration (there are about 10 of them) have been hauled around for about 10 years and they never once have even been wiped down. They’ve been everywhere with us, dragged across tables…in and out of bags. Our unclean hands have been all over them every day. They must have picked up so many dirticles and germs over the years.

As we got into the cleaning process, it became perversely thrilling to subject these errant sons to a good scrubbing. We used our new Method soap and a sponge. We jiggled them like a washing machine. We rinsed them good and then set them out to dry.

The outcome? Our keys are different. They are no longer the dingy Janitor set we’d been used to. They are not only *clean*, they are shiny and they have a much more tactile feeling when we grasp them and hurl them into our bag. And as far as cleaning goes, this couldn’t be an easier little project.

When we next need a little Spring Cleaning pick me up, you’ll probably find us doing it again. It could become a habit.

(Re-Edited from 2006-05-24 – MGR)