7 Pretty Flowering Plants That Will Bring Spring Indoors

updated Apr 3, 2021
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Songbirds are chirping, fresh buds are pushing through soft earth, and lush green grass has seemingly popped up overnight. Spring has sprung, and there’s really no better feeling. That said, if you live in the city and don’t have a yard, or if your outdoor garden simply isn’t blooming yet, you can still experience the magical vibes of this season. The secret to bringing spring indoors? House plants — specifically the flowering kind. We’ve rounded up a few of our favorite spring blooms to grow indoors. There’s something here to transform any space into a blossoming spring garden, whether you’re a seasoned green thumb or a plant newbie.

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The Bromeliad Aechmea is so magnificent looking, you might assume it’d be too finicky for novice plant owners. You’d also be very wrong. Just like air plants, which are in the same family, this tropical pink beauty is fuss-free and simple to care for. Partial to medium/bright, indirect sunlight and plenty of humidity, it’s an epiphyte which means it has minimal roots and absorbs most of its nutrients through its foliage (again, like an air plant). That’s why instead of watering the soil it comes pre-potted in, you’ll water the vase-like center of the plant itself, filling it up enough so that your plant will essentially water itself for weeks.

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UrbanStems and Bumble collaborated to create an exclusive collection for International Women's Day, and this kalanchoe — named "The Fighter" in honor of those who continue to fight for women’s equality — is part of that collection. The kalanchoe’s vibrant, long-lasting flowers naturally bloom twice a year, and can easily be tricked into blooming more often. The sunny yellow will instantly add so much spring cheer to your space, and the black geometric planter it comes in adds a stylish touch. Plus, it is a remarkably easy to care for, beginner-friendly pick which isn’t the norm when it comes to flowering plants. Right now, AT readers can save 15 percent off any UrbanStems purchase with code AT15OFF.

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Gardenias are arguably one of the best-smelling plants in existence. When it comes to filling your home with the intoxicating scents of spring, this fragrant beauty really can't be topped. Plus, it comes wrapped in burlap tied with a pretty white bow. Since ProFlowers offers ultra-fast delivery, it would make an excellent last-minute gift. That being said, Gardenias do require a fairly specific set of conditions to thrive, including at least six hours of full, bright sunlight per day, plenty of humidity, warm temperatures, and consistently moist soil. So, yeah, it’s a bit of diva. But considering how divine it looks and smells, why wouldn’t it be?

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Another flowering plant that’s great for low light, azaleas not only tolerate partial shade but also thrive in slightly cooler temperatures than most flowering plants (60-65 degrees Fahrenheit is ideal.) That's why this vibrant pink beauty is a perfect pick for homes that generally won’t work for tropical plants, such as a garden-level or basement apartment. Pre-potted in a simple white planter, it would also make a great gift, especially since FTD offers such fast, reliable delivery.

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With their delicate white blossoms and luscious green foliage, peace lilies are practically the epitome of spring vibes. They’re also one of the few flowering plants that can tolerate low light, and are generally known for being easy to care for and difficult to kill. The only real reason not to buy one is if you have pets, since peace lilies are toxic to both cats and dogs. Plants.com offers peace lilies in medium or large sizes, both of which come pre-potted in your choice of two different planter styles.

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The Sill

Deserved or not, orchids have a reputation for being tricky to keep alive. But this popular, pet-safe variety is definitely the most beginner-friendly of the bunch and its gorgeous deep purple flowers — which bloom about once a year for up to three months — are totally worth the effort. Plus, ordering from The Sill really sets you up for success: your orchid will come pre-potted in the correct type of soil (very important for orchids) and in a stylish blush pink earthenware planter with plenty of drainage (another key tenet of successful orchid care).

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1-800-Flowers calls this a "Sophisticated White Calla Lily." Looking at the elegant white flowers, the lively, swordlike greenery, and the striking black ceramic planter, it’s clear the sophisticated descriptor is more than deserved. Available in two sizes, it’s the perfect indoor bloom for those who want a classic spring flower, but also prefer something a bit more toward the dramatic side. That said, calla lilies are toxic to cats and dogs, so it’s probably not the best choice for pet owners.