Lisa Diederich

Lisa is a professional photographer currently living in Nashville, TN but shooting everywhere her camera will take her. She specializes in lifestyle, portrait and wedding photography and shares her work on
A Home with a History in East Nashville
Name: Jim Manning Location: Nashville, Tennessee Size: 1,400 square feet Years lived in: 15 years, owned Some homes just have a story. In this case, Jim’s two-bedroom East Nashville home has quite a few of them! He is one of just three owners and has lived here for 15 years, which is very unusual for Nashville these days.
Dec 30, 2017
A Nashville Songwriter’s Cozy Bungalow
Name: Matt, The Stewart House Location: Nashville, Tennessee Size: 730 square feet Years lived in: 2 years, owned The story behind Matt’s mid-century modern bungalow is as beautiful as the home itself. “This place was built (and named) in memory of my late grandmother. I share my middle name with her (Stewart). She was the most amazing hostess and the money she left me when she passed was the seed money to get the design going on this little haven.
Nov 16, 2017
A “New Traditional” Insta-Famous Indianapolis Home
Name: Anissa and Brian Zajac Location: Indianapolis, Indiana Size: 2800 square feet Years lived in: 1 year, owned A year ago Anissa and Brian were living in the northern suburbs of Indianapolis, in a traditional home, in a traditional subdivision. Though perfectly fine, the home just didn’t feel like their family’s style. So, they listened to their hearts and relocated to their dream neighborhood, where the couple has remodeled and redecorated to better match their personalities.
Aug 1, 2017
A “Golden Girls” Meets “Mary Tyler Moore” Chicago Apartment
Name: Bridget McCullagh Location: Lakeview — Chicago, Illinois Size: 750 square feet Years lived in: 1 year, renting If Mary Tyler Moore moved in with the Golden Girls, their home might look something like Bridget’s vintage-inspired Chicago apartment. “I love the natural wood and plant-heavy look of the 1970s,” she says. Luckily, Bridget inherited a lot of decor and furniture from her mother and grandmother.
Jul 19, 2017
An Artist & Jewelry Designer’s Beautifully Neutral Nashville Home
Name: Celeste Green and Blaque Reily Location: East Nashville — Nashville, Tenneesee Size: 1,000 square feet Years lived in: 8 months, renting With the combined creative talents of Celeste Green and Blaque Riley, their home was bound to be beautiful. And this bright 1930s home in East Nashville really marries their two styles in an inviting live-work space.
Jul 11, 2017
First-Time Home Buyers Craft a Modern Mix
Name: Dana and Mitch Location: North of Nashville, Tennessee Size: 1,030 square feet Years lived in: 1 year, owned Dana and Mitch have settled into a small neighborhood full of local charm after buying their first home a year ago. The two-story house is on a small, quiet street, across from a church. And it’s around the corner from quite a few antique shops, which is where Dana loves to shop.
May 20, 2017
An Organic Modern Nashville Carriage House
Name: Erin Walsh Location: East Nashville — Nashville, TN Size: 724 square feet Years lived in: 4 months, renting “It’s not easy mastering the art of being minimal and warm, but I think Erin’s East Nashville rental apartment does it. And even more impressive, she did it in just four months! This is a tour greatest hit, but I think it’s worth another look.
Apr 15, 2017
A Photographer & Musician Share a Serene Nashville Nest
Name: Lisa Diederich and Samuel Stephenson Location: Inglewood — Nashville, Tennessee Size: 1,248 square feet Years lived in: 6 months, renting Sam and I recently moved from Sydney, Australia to Nashville, Tennessee and have spent the past few months settling into our home and our businesses here in Music City. After five years in Sydney, we both felt it was time for a new adventure, and Nashville was calling!
Mar 3, 2017