The 4 Backyard Pool Features Real Estate Agents Absolutely Love to See

published Jun 15, 2022
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Thanks to today’s crazy hot real estate market, sellers don’t need to do too much to woo potential buyers. That’s especially true of well-appointed homes that have lots of updates or desirable features like swimming pools. However, not everyone sees a pool and jumps for joy. Some people can actually have some major reservations about buying a home with a swimming space — whether it’s because of the additional insurance concerns or simply worries about safety — which is why Florence Saade, a Realtor associate with Brown Harris Stevens Miami, says every seller with a pool should make sure their pool area has these four things.

An Inviting Vibe

Pools can be a massive selling point to hopeful homeowners with dreams of having a swimming spot all their own, but Saade says it’s really important for prospective buyers to be able to see themselves lounging around the space. “When buyers are touring potential homes, they like to envision themselves entertaining or having a great time with friends and family around the pool — especially during the summer months,” she says. “Anything that looks inviting and ready to entertain will make buyers’ eyes light up and increase the value of the home overall.”

The Essentials New Owners Need to Get Started

While pools can be enticing, all the work that comes along with them is decidedly not. Pools require upkeep, maintenance, and sometimes costly chemicals, which is why Saade says it’s important to provide everything your home’s next owner will need in order to get their feet wet… literally. “When listing a home with a pool, sellers ensure the pool area is turnkey, allowing buyers to bring nothing more than a swimsuit and jump in.”

Plenty of Room for Hanging Out

Your pool isn’t the only thing that needs to look inviting; the area around your pool should highlight just how much time a new owner will want to spend hanging poolside. “A well accessorized poolside sitting area is an excellent touch,” Saade says. “The area should have comfortable, clean seating and offer sun protection, like a canopy or a stylish umbrella.” 

A Unique Feature

Pools are obviously a huge selling point all on their own, but Saade says you can get even more bang for your buck if your backyard pool area also comes with an outdoor kitchen. “They create a sense of luxury and convenience,” she says. “Buyers like the idea of being able to serve food and drinks without going back and forth to the main kitchen. Even when space or budget doesn’t allow for a full outdoor kitchen, a nice BBQ for example is a wise investment. Just be sure it is clean and in working condition.” As an added bonus, an outdoor kitchen means less dripping bathing suits in the house!