This Splurgey Pillow That Turns Your Tub Into a “Bath Sofa” Is Worth Every Penny

published Dec 14, 2023
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wet room style bathroom with freestanding tub, shower, brown floors, white tile walls
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Gift giving and baths are two things I take very seriously. So when it comes to finding the best gifts for bath-lovers, I don’t mess around. If you’re looking for an elevated, cozy present for someone who spends a lot of time in their tub, the BADESOFA pillow — which literally translates to “bath sofa” in German — is worth the splurge and one of my favorite luxe finds. 

Designed to transform your bathtub into a comfortable and relaxing experience, the BADESOFA comes in three cushion options — a seat, back, and foot pillow — which you can purchase separately or together to create the full “bath sofa” effect. It’s perfect for those who love to sit back and enjoy a good tub-time read or binge-watch their favorite reality TV shows while soaking. You can also choose between multiple cushion color options to complement your bathroom decor, from green to charcoal. 

As a bath-lover myself, I’m completely obsessed with my BADESOFA set. I live in a 1960s-era apartment with a standard bathtub, and while I’m lucky to be able to stretch out and relax in it, it’s not the most comfortable on its own. I’ve tried other bath cushions but found that the rubbery texture often felt anything but luxurious. The BADESOFA pillows, on the other hand, look and feel like they’ve been plucked from your living room sofa. Plus, I love that you can mix and match them for a full-body experience. 

The durable cushions are constructed from a high-quality, water-resistant material that stays in place without the risk of floating or slipping. They also feature a special proprietary technology, which helps prevent waterlogging and gross mold buildup over time. Plus, the cushions and covers are washable, so you can still use bubble bath formulas and Epsom salts without damaging them. Whether you’re gift shopping or eyeing the BADESOFA pillows for your own bathroom, check out all three spa-worthy options below starting at $135. 

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The BADESOFA Seat Bath Pillow is my favorite in the set: It can easily be used in both the bath and on a shower bench. When soaking in a tub, I find that the base usually feels the most uncomfortable, and this pillow not only helps add much-needed cushion but also feels more supportive, too.

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The Back Bath Pillow is inspired by more traditional bath pillows, providing a layer of comfort to your upper back and shoulders. It comes in three different sizes for a more personalized feel — especially if you want something large enough to cradle your head so you can lean back and relax your whole body. This fits in a variety of bathtubs, as well, including traditional and spa styles.

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I honestly didn’t know I needed a foot bath pillow until I tried the BADESOFA version. This luxe bathroom gift idea features the same cozy cushion and water-resistant material as the seat and back pillows, only it’s designed to elevate your soles while soaking. I love it because it allows me to stretch out fully and kick my feet up while reading in the bath.