These Space-Saving Luggage Organizers Made Travel So Much Easier (And I Didn’t Overstuff My Suitcase for Once!)

published May 10, 2024
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shot of someone folding clothes in a suitcase.
Credit: Photo: Christopher Testani; Prop Styling: Carla Gonzalez-Hart

I don’t know about you, but I’m deep into my travel era. With trips lined up practically every month for the rest of the year, having effective gear that holds up on the road and in the air is super important. That doesn’t only apply to my favorite pieces of luggage, but also what goes inside of them. With my brothers living across the country, long trips are fairly common. And preparing for those trips can be tough because it’s so easy to overpack. However, one way I’ve been able to combat the urge to stuff my suitcase with everything I “might need” is by getting more organized.

Budget-friendly travel brand Bagsmart has become an editor-favorite here at Apartment Therapy for its quality and style. If that’s not enough to convince you, then just check out our reviews of the brand’s $20 foldable duffel and quilted 20” carry-on suitcase. But that’s not all: I’ve had the privilege of testing out a handful of Bagsmart’s luggage organizers, and the Compression Packing Cube Set totally changed my travel prep game.

What Is the Bagsmart Compression Packing Cube Set?

With over 1,000 sets purchased in the last month, Bagsmart’s Compression Cube Packing Cube Set has set itself up to be a travel must-have. Although it’s available in sets of two and four for convenience, the six-piece bundle gives you the most value and color options. The set includes one 15”x10.5”x6” cube (large), two 13”x9.5”x5” cubes (medium), two 13”x5”x5” cubes (small), and one double-sided shoe bag. Other than the shoe bag, all of the containers compress to 1.8” when empty. The small bags have elasticized interior pockets on each end to further organize your belongings. Plus, the shoe bag can also be used for laundry, to separate wet and dry clothing, or even socks and shoes.

Compression packing cubes work like vacuum-sealed bags, but without the suction. You pack each one in its expanded size, then use the compression zipper to squeeze the cube and all of its contents as much as possible before loading it into your suitcase. The packing cubes have a breathable mesh top and fabric handle. The set also comes with a stack of labels that you can slide into the clear pocket on the front of each cube. They’re lightweight, save tons of space, and can be reused over and over again. Due to the material of the main compartment, these packing cubes must be hand-washed.

Credit: Britt Franklin

Why I Love the Bagsmart Compression Packing Cube Set

The first time I used this compression packing cube set, I split them between my ROAM Expandable Large Check-In and Bagsmart’s quilted carry-on out of caution. Although they all fit into my big suitcase, I was also bringing gifts to my nieces and wanted to make sure the luggage didn’t go over the weight limit. I put the large and medium-sized packing cubes in my carry-on (three total), which was well over a weekend’s worth of clothing, as it held multiple pairs of jeans and maxi skirts, practically all of my shirts, and two bulky sweatshirts. I packed the cubes just as I would with any standard set, but the compression element was a huge game-changer. Each cube only took up as much space as the clothing inside of it without any extra fabric or air. That allowed me to pack my suitcases more tightly, more neatly, and more accurately to what I would actually need during my travels. While it doesn’t compress like the rest of the set, the double-sided shoe bag was also great to have on hand for my sandals and flip-flops.

I’ve been using packing cubes for years now, but this set from Bagsmart is my new favorite by far. The variety of sizes in a single set gives me so much room for different types of clothing and other soft goods. Plus, it ultimately conserves space in my luggage, no matter if I’m using a sizable check-in suitcase or a compact carry-on. That, in itself, makes traveling so much easier — and who doesn’t love that?