10 Inexpensive Editor-Favorite Finds That Make Travel So Much Easier

published Jul 31, 2023
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Traveling is expensive, so it’s good to save wherever you can during the trip-planning process. This might entail using up those SkyMiles, splitting an Airbnb with friends, or planning your next getaway during an off-peak season. We have our own ideas of what it means to travel on a budget here at AT. Specifically, our editors have racked up a number of budget-friendly products that they bring along on every vacay. Not only are these Amazon picks fairly inexpensive, but they’ll also make all future excursions feel more efficient and enjoyable than if you were to travel without them. In other words, we have recs for every part of the process: the perfect neck pillow for plane rides, toiletry organizers for seamless (and leakproof) packing, and other essentials that’ll give you peace of mind from the airport Uber to your hotel check-in. Travel season isn’t over yet, so check out these editor-loved finds below, and stock up before your next planned holiday.

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Packing a full-sized bottle of perfume in your checked bag is risky, so we suggest transferring your favorite fragrances into these 8 ML spray bottles, instead. "I’m a BIG perfume girl, but I’m always so nervous to travel with my favorite bottles, especially when they’re made of glass," said Sarah, AT's commerce SEO editor. "I use these handy travel decanters to bring the perfect amount with me in a safe (and TSA-friendly!) way. Saves me space and stress!" And right now, you can get a pack of three bottles for just $10.

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If you're traveling internationally, you can't forget to bring an adaptive charger. Associate email editor Carolyn loves this one, which is currently under $25. "It can be used in 150 countries and has four USB ports and a sliding lever to switch orientations as you go!" she said. "If you're visiting multiple countries in one trip, it's an absolute must for making those transitions simple and stress-free." Charge everything from your phone to your laptop with this one convenient device.

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Arguably the worst part of travel is when you're unable to get comfy on a flight. To alleviate this problem, a good neck pillow is key. Tara, AT's news and culture director, has no regrets after purchasing the Huzi inifinity pillow, which can be worn in more than one configuration. "The infinity loop design lets you use it in so many ways, whether you wrap it around your neck, ball it up, or sling your arms through," she said. "I love the cooling bamboo fabric and tons of color options. Someone always asks me about it!" In short, you can say goodbye to neck pain and uncomfortable positions for good with this versatile airplane must-have.

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"I bought this set of TSA-approved clear toiletry bags to hold liquids, and it's been a total game changer," said Mark, AT's executive director of commerce. "Prior to that, I was using a zip-top baggie that didn't hold everything I needed. This bag has so much room to hold all my lotions, potions, creams, and pastes, and I had no problem using it to go through security in the USA, Italy, and England." Additionally, because the bags in this set are transparent, you won't have to rummage through all of your belongings to find a specific item.

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I recently invested in and traveled with an AirTag after I heard multiple AT editors raving over it, and I couldn't be more satisfied with my purchase. Gone are my fears of losing my checked bag and never seeing it again! Both Sarah and Tamara, AT's managing commerce editor, said they never travel without theirs. Whether you get a pack of four or just one single AirTag, we guarantee it's well worth the peace of mind you'll receive in return.

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You can never be too safe when traveling, which is why executive lifestyle director Charli always brings this battery-powered plug-in on her own excursions. "We're always safety-minded when traveling (renting an Airbnb or VRBO property especially), so an easy and affordable thing we bring for peace of mind is a portable carbon monoxide detector," she said. "We sleep better away from home knowing it's plugged in nearby." If carbon monoxide is detected, the device will emit a loud alarm that you can't miss — even if you are fast asleep.

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As we noted, good toiletry bags are essential, but so are travel-sized containers for your various shampoos and shower gels. Email and acquisition manager Hollis owns this 16-piece set and said it gets the job done in terms of preventing leaks and spills. "There's a lot of variation in the bottles, so there's something for all kinds of products," she added. "I've had them for a few years now according to my Amazon account, and they're in great shape!" In addition to the bottles, themselves, the set also comes with a clear zip bag to hold everything.

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Finding a good travel adapter is tricky because there are so many shoddy versions out there — and you won't know until they make smoke come out of your hair dryer. This is the one I trust for all of my international trips. Not only does it work without issue, but the budget-friendly adapter also features two USB ports in addition to the main outlet plug-in spot. It's available in 10 different styles, so you can pick the one you need based on where you're going. I've taken mine on multiple trips to Europe, and it has never failed me!

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"Mine is more of a pre- or post-travel thing," said SEO commerce writer Nic when thinking about his own vacation must-haves, "but I've been keeping one of these lavender sachets in my luggage in between trips in order to keep my bag smelling fresh and prevent it from becoming musty after spending months zipped up in a closet." One set gets you a whopping 24 satchets, which you can similarly keep in your suitcase or place inside hotel room drawers to keep clothes smelling pleasant.

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If you're a makeup-lover, you probably have an extensive set of quality brushes. But it's not very practical to bring all of them in your checked bag, so I recommend buying a travel-friendly set like this one. I've had my Matto brush set for more than three years, and I still can't get over how compact it is when I shut all 10 brushes inside their chic case. And because the cylindrical container is hard, I never have to worry about my brushes getting squished or damaged between my other belongings.