10 Ingenious Toiletry Organizers Our Editors Never Travel Without

published Jun 15, 2023
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A good toiletry bag is the single most important thing to include when packing, and I refuse to hear dissenting opinions. This is especially true if you tend to bring along skincare and cosmetics in addition to basic hygiene products. After all, nothing kills the vacation vibe faster than unzipping your suitcase and seeing that your foundation exploded or your perfume bottle broke and leaked. Not only will the right toiletry bag reduce the likeliness of such mishaps (and keep messes contained if they do occur), but it’ll also help you stay organized. In other words, limited shelf space in your hotel room will no longer be cause for clutter — with a toiletry organizer, all of your essentials will remain tidy and in one place. Many of our staffers here at AT are avid travelers and consequently have excellent product recommendations, especially where organization is concerned. We asked them to share their toiletry must-haves, and, well, they did not disappoint!

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If you want something that'll hold up trip after trip without sustaining any wear and tear, this compact Eagle Creek pouch is for you. Commerce SEO writer Nic has used his for three years and said it's unlikely he'll ever replace it. "The fabric is durable and water-resistant, the main pouch can fit a surprising amount of stuff — electric toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, retainer, floss — and the zippered side pockets are perfect for carrying small things that I don't want to lose," he said. The handy little pouch is also machine-washable.

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Dagne Dover

"I love Dagne Dover's large Mila organizer for long trips," said senior commerce editor Alicia. "When I go back to Illinois for a few weeks, I will bring this with me. It's so spacious that I can fit my whole skincare routine (full sizes included), plus my make-up." Regardless of whether you get the small or large size, this organizer is sure to help prevent you from overpacking, too. Other features of note include the Mila organizer's slots for makeup brushes and an adjustable divider.

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If you want something that you can be sure won't get squished during your journey, take a look at this adorable train case. It made our Best List not too long ago, with Britt describing it as perfect for beginner makeup collections. "I have the organizer in black and white stripes with the bright pink interior, and it’s incredibly stylish," she said. "It has special sections built into the lid for tubes and palettes, and then it has four sections in the body for larger items, like foundation and full-size makeup products. It holds much more than it seems and would make an awesome gift!”

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Clearly, our editors have expensive taste. But owning a makeup bag as stylish as this Away number certainly beats packing your potions into a Ziploc. "It actually fits a ton of product and has convenient holders for makeup brushes, mascara tubes, etc.," said executive creative director Anna. "I like the little plastic pouch inside for holding potentially leaky things, like toothpaste. I feel like a real lady when I pull it out of my suitcase." The plastic pouch is also clear, so you always know exactly where everything is.

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A few of our editors actually recommend Cadence's brilliant leakproof capsules, including Best List editor Britt. Of the numerous travel products she has tried, she says these are the ones she can't leave home without. "They're especially good for weekend trips when I'm trying to squeeze everything into a carry-on, especially as someone who overpacks constantly," she said. The capsules are perfect for holding facial cleanser, lotion, shampoo, and just about any other runny substance you might struggle to pack otherwise.

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The key to any good makeup organizer is compartments, compartments, compartments. This Best List winner has plenty of them for your makeup brushes, eyeshadow palettes, lip products, and more. Contributor Amy also loves the Teamoy organizer's low-lying silhouette and said she uses it every day, even when she's not traveling. "It’s easy to carry and pack, has distinct compartments, and protects my brushes," She said. "Depending on how much makeup you have, there’s likely going to be plenty of room to put some jewelry, too." Best of all, this organizer is super affordable.

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was $11.99

Of course, you can't forget to pack your medications, supplements, and some precautionary ibuprofen, but those bulky pill bottles can quickly eat up valuable luggage space. That's where this two-piece organizer comes in. Contributor Meg appreciates its slim design, not to mention its $9 price tag. "It’s small enough to fit in my pocket, and the varying compartment sizes mean I can bring my obnoxiously large vitamins and slim allergy pills," she wrote. "With this handy little gem in my pocket, I don’t pay for overpriced airport meds, and I never waste precious minutes of my vacation searching for a local pharmacy."

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Béis Travel

Although this BEIS case is quite compact in relation to many other toiletry holders, it can fit a surprisingly large number of products. To be specific, Alicia said she can load it with as many as 15 bottles, plus sheet masks. After owning the essentials case for two years, it's become her go-to for short trips. "Mine is currently overstuffed with extra beauty products, and it's held up great," she said. "I also love that it has two windows, so I can see exactly what is inside and don't have to dig around. Sometimes, I use the back side for my toothbrush, hairbrush, and other styling essentials."

9 / 10

Contributor Emma called this hanging toiletry bag life-changing, and we have no doubt you'll be just as impressed by its organizational abilities. "It’s making sure I stay tidy and don’t leave anything behind on the bathroom sink because I immediately pop my products back into the bag after using them," she wrote of its expanding compartments. "It’s also amazing for living in smaller spaces, as it frees up the counter and keeps things looking a lot less cluttered, which can happen very quickly when you don’t have a ton of room to deal with." When your stay is over, just zip the bag up to return it to its compact shape.

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Dagne Dover

This conveniently sized organizer was technically designed to hold your charging cables and small devices, but shopping director Jada has been using it to hold toiletries and makeup for every trip she's taken in the past four years. Regarding what she likes about the Arlo organizer, Jada said, "The neoprene can be washed by hand or wiped down with a damp towel if something leaks. There are enough pockets and elastic loops to keep everything in place, and being able to unzip the organizer the whole way around means being able to find my phone charger more easily while on the road."