The Chic, Compact Organizer That Prevents My Jewelry From Tangling During Travel

published Jul 25, 2023
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A woman's hand holds a gold ring on the background of a transparent jewelry box with accessories
Credit: Olena Ruban/Getty Images

For as long as I’ve owned jewelry, the practice of storing it properly has been a burden. I don’t know why, but I never invested in a good organizer, opting instead to keep my rings, necklaces, and earrings in the little baggies they came in and then stuffing those inside a drawer. You can imagine how this complicated the process of finding specific pieces I wanted to wear, plus, my dresser drawer was always in a state of disarray. Even still, I refused to buy a hanging jewelry organizer, afraid my gold trinkets (most of which are, tragically, not made of real gold) would tarnish after being exposed to air and light. I also didn’t want to mount anything to my wall, nor did I want to give up precious vanity space for a bulky tabletop organizer. And now that I’ve downsized to a tiny NYC apartment, those sentiments are stronger than ever.

But I couldn’t keep fishing the items I wear on a daily basis out of those annoying little baggies, and I needed something more efficient for travel, too. Enter the Carrie mini jewelry organizer from the leather goods brand Levenger. If you’re familiar with them, it might be because of their pretty stationery, but they also make stylish, high-quality bags and travel accessories such as the new organizer that has completely taken the stress out of storing my jewelry.

What is the Carrie Mini Jewelry Organizer?

This organizer is essentially a slim, 3″ by 3″ zippered case made of soft (but durable) pebbled leather. It’s available in five colors; I got mine in “classic blue” and love its summery aesthetic. Its gold-toned zipper works seamlessly and never snags, plus the hardware’s finish hasn’t dulled at all since I’ve had the organizer. When you open the pouch, you’re met with an even softer suede interior — exactly the kind of material you want surrounding delicate metal jewelry. A zip pouch in the middle is just the right size for the bangles I wear almost every day. To the left, there are two detachable horizontal tabs: one for two pairs of earrings and another for rings. On the other side, you get a little miscellaneous pouch (I just keep rings in there, too) and two leather straps for necklaces that you can also unsnap. Really, the organizer’s design has every kind of useful feature you could possibly need for jewelry-storing purposes, especially when you have limited space in your luggage or when you need to grab something in a pinch.


Why I Love the Carrie Mini Jewelry Organizer

The first time I really put this organizer to use was a couple of weekends ago when I traveled to Boston. It felt so freeing to ditch the baggie system and just bring this little case instead! No more sorting through a bunch of old drawstring bags to find a certain ring or bracelet. What’s more, I stored the organizer in an overstuffed carry-on suitcase, and it was completely fine — no scratches on the leather, and nothing got crushed in between my shoes, clothes, and toiletries. But you want to know what really makes me love the Carrie organizer? I use it every day, even when I’m not traveling. If you have a fairly large jewelry collection, you won’t be able to get away with this, but all of my most worn pieces fit inside without issue.

As a result, I always keep the organizer on my vanity. Adorning myself before I leave the house is a breeze thanks to its uncomplicated design. And of course, the case takes up virtually no space on the little storage cart next to my vanity. In short, I’d recommend this chic little holder to anyone who travels frequently, or those looking for a classy, thoughtful gift for any jewelry-lover. I understand if the price gives you pause, but trust me, this durable and sophisticated organizer is worth every penny.