The Best Editor-Tested Makeup Organizers That You Can Buy

updated Mar 5, 2024
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Once upon a time, the idea of organizing your skin care and makeup wasn’t really a thing. The reason? Routines were minimal — and not in today’s terms, but quite literally just a couple, maybe a few products. Nowadays, in a world of extensive skin-care routines and sculpted and highlighted makeup looks, more products than ever are making their way onto our vanities. That’s why it’s essential that we learn to organize our beauty goods. 

Thankfully, there are many, many makeup organizers to choose from that stand apart from run-of-the-mill bathroom storage ideas. However, you shouldn’t just settle for any old cosmetics case or acrylic stack; instead, consider what the makeup organizers are made of, how durable they are, and shopper reviews to determine if they really live up to their claims. Since that can be quite a chore, we went ahead and did it for you — and that’s how we found the best makeup organizers on the market. Check them out below.

The Best Makeup Organizers

What to Consider Before Buying a Makeup Organizer

There are a few things you’ll want to think about before clicking “Add to cart,” including the size, design, and material of the organizer.


Before buying a makeup organizer, think about the space where you intend to put it (such as on your vanity, dresser, or bathroom counter), and how much you plan to store. Once you narrow down these details, you’ll be able to easily discard makeup organizers that are too large for your space, as well as those that don’t offer enough storage functionality for your needs. 


Makeup organizers are sold in a variety of silhouettes, including rotating, stacked, tiered, and drawer options. Whereas some makeup organizers are made of clear acrylic (so you can easily see what’s inside), others are opaque to help cut down on visual clutter. With this in mind, when shopping for a makeup organizer, think about your space — will a tiered or stacked silhouette help make the most of your space? Will a rotating carousel be easier to maneuver? Do you forget about products if you can’t clearly see them? After you answer these questions, proceed accordingly.


Makeup organizers are made in a variety of materials, including marble, wood, plastic, and chicer-looking acrylic. Because they’re not porous, plastic and acrylic makeup organizers can easily be wiped clean. Marble and wood, however, can sometimes absorb leaked product and be harder to rinse. 

What We Look for in a Makeup Organizer

We tested a range of makeup organizers, from stackable to rotating silhouettes, judging them on the following criteria: 

Size: Where do you keep the organizer? How much space does it take up?

Functionality: Does it stack? Does it rotate? Does it have drawers?

Capacity: How much can it hold? What’s the tallest product it can store?

Construction: What is it made of? How easy is it to clean? 

The Best Makeup Organizers

With a smart and stylish design, the elegant SERTRI Makeup Organizer takes the top spot as the Best Overall pick. This tiered countertop organizer is made with durable thickened acrylic and alloy steel that can store a hodgepodge of products from tall bottles to short jars. What makes it really stand out is its 90-degree, right-angle orientation and U-shaped trays. This makeup organizer can fit snugly into the corner of your bathroom counter or neatly on one end of your vanity table without hiding your everyday cosmetic essentials. Its simple assembly can be done in as little as a minute, and the high edges of the fluted trays prevent items from toppling over.

“The corner shape was revolutionary for me!” says commerce SEO editor Sarah. “It stores what feels like the equivalent of a circular rotating organizer but in an angled corner shape, fitting on my bathroom counter with more ease. It’s also super gorgeous in its fluted design and green color.” If you’re looking for a spacious and sleek organizer that truly doubles as decor, this is certainly one option you don’t want to miss.


  • Acrylic and steel
  • 13.58″ x 10″ x 17.51″; 2.4 lbs.
  • Available in 3 colors

Who It’s Best For: Those who want an organizer that efficiently uses surface area; those looking for an organizer with a minimalist design.

Good to Know: If you don’t need or don’t have space for this organizer at its full height, it can be assembled as a single tray or two tiers instead.

According to Alicia, AT’s senior commerce editor and a former beauty writer, the Syntus 360 Rotating Makeup Organizer is the most impressive cosmetic organizer she’s ever owned. This affordable piece costs well under $20, ships flat, and can be customized to create sections that serve the user’s specific needs. “I have a lot of tall toners that often can’t fit in makeup organizers, so I strategically made two taller sections to accommodate them,” Alicia says. While the plastic organizer was a bit unsteady with nothing on it, as soon as she loaded it with her toners and other skin-care and makeup goodies, it functioned steadily. 

Beyond its ability to hold a shocking number of products (she fit three cases of makeup and skin care onto it), Alicia is a fan of how simple it is to manage. “The plastic material is easy to wipe down if there are any spills,” she says. “It’s collapsible, so when it comes time to inevitably move to the next apartment, it’ll be easy to pack.”

Read our full review of the Syntus 360 Rotating Makeup Organizer. 


  • Plastic
  • 11.9” x 9.1” x 9.1″; 1.98 lbs.
  • Available in 3 colors
  • Features seven adjustable layers and a rotating base

Who It’s Best For: Those looking for shockingly spacious vertical storage. 

Good to Know: “The only downside is that it can’t fit large eyeshadow palettes,” Alicia says.

Best Rotating Organizer: Umbra Moona Storage Box

When you think of rotating organizers, the Moona Storage Box is a total game changer. Rather than the entire organizer turning 360 degrees, this modern storage box has three rotating drawers that also hide your items when they aren’t in use. Along with its spacious drawer system, items can be stored on the top of the Moona Storage Box, which also functions as a tray. Made of a combination of wood and recycled plastic, this versatile organizer can be used for a variety of storage needs for your bathroom, bedroom, entryway or kitchen.

“Umbra’s Moona Storage Box is a gorgeous container that can serve a number of purposes from storing makeup and skin-care products to jewelry and accessories,” says Best List editor Britt. “It’s very spacious for its size, and the rotating drawers are genius because they keep everything hidden and make the organizer even more stylish when closed. It has a sleek and modern silhouette, the drawers move without strain, and the tray on top just adds to its storage capabilities. I would happily put one in my bathroom and my bedroom — it’s just that nice!”


  • Wood and recycled plastic
  • 10.75″ x 6″ x 7.25″
  • Available in 2 colors
  • Features 360-degree rotating drawers
  • 5-year warranty

Who It’s Best For: Those looking for a makeup organizer that doubles as decor; those looking for an organizer than can keep products hidden.

Good to Know: The drawers are assembled on a subtle central rod that allows them to shift at the slightest touch.

For those who love to see exactly what they’re working with, the iDesign Clarity Cosmetics Organizer with Drawer is the best compact option. It has one drawer with three top compartments that can easily store foundation, slim skin-care products, mascara, makeup brushes, and more. Beyond its immediate storage capacity, the organizer is also designed to be stacked on other iDesign Clarity organizers, so you can use it on its own or to customize your perfect makeup storage setup. 

“I love how compact it is and that it’s see-through — I’m never guessing which product is in which compartment because I can see them all,” says shopping writer Nikol. “The organizer’s storage capacity also surprised me; it holds about half of my makeup collection, which is really convenient. I also like that I can keep messier products, like loose powders, in the bottom drawer so they don’t get everywhere.”


  • Acrylic and chrome
  •  6.5” x 6.5” x 7.5”
  • Features an easy-pull drawer

Who It’s Best For: Those who like to be able to see what they’re storing; those looking to create a custom stack.

Good to Know: Some shoppers report that the acrylic feels quite thin.

Best Makeup Organizer Box: Joseph Joseph Viva Compact Organizer

The Joseph Joseph Viva Compact Organizer is a small but mighty option for those looking to simplify their daily makeup routine. Think: eyeliner, mascara, lipstick, and powder. While it doesn’t offer tons of storage space, commerce managing editor Tamara enjoys how it streamlines her lip and eye makeup collection. “It’s super small so can’t hold a lot, but I specifically use it to corral all my lipsticks/lip products and excess mascaras, so it did exactly what I needed it to do,” she says. “I didn’t have a spot for these lip and mascara products before and I kept losing them, so this solved a big issue for me.”

Two other things to keep in mind about this budget-friendly organizer is its opaque design and hidden drawer. If you’re someone who easily forgets what you have if you can’t clearly see it, this may not be the best for you. However, if you’re in the market for an organizer that helps hide visual clutter, while also offering an enclosed place to store cotton rounds for your a.m. and p.m. micellar cleansing routine, this option, complete with a magnetized drawer, might be exactly what you’re looking for.


  • Plastic
  • 3.94″ x 6.9″ x 5″
  • Features magnetic drawer closure
  • 2-year limited warranty

Who It’s Best For: Those looking to organize minimal products or a single category, like lipstick.

Good to Know: It’s compact, so it can’t hold a lot — but it works well to keep daily essentials in one place.

The Umbra Bellwood Cosmetic Organizer is bigger than most, measuring in at over a foot tall. Despite its height, the three-tiered organizer, which has a cup up top for smaller items like lip and eye pencils, works well for narrow spaces, as each of the shelves isn’t particularly expansive. Though, let it be known, it can still hold quite a bit. “A lot of products can be stored on this organizer, and they can be all different sizes,” Britt says. “Tall items are best on the bottom for stability, the middle section is the most compact, so I have some serums and other smaller products there, and then the top of it is open for tubes of product and other small-to-medium containers.”

Storage aside, this bamboo-accented makeup organizer is particularly zen. “It’s super stylish, and I thought it would take up too much space on my counter at first, but it fits great in the corner and makes my bathroom look so much more organized,” Britt says.

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  • Wood and recycled plastic
  • 7.75” x 7.75” x 19.75”; 1.22 lbs.
  • Available in 2 colors
  • Features removable storage cup
  • 5-year warranty

Who It’s Best For: Those looking for stylish and spacious vertical storage.

Good to Know: The handle will move if it’s knocked into. “I’m not sure if it’s a user error and I didn’t screw something in properly, but it’s not so bothersome that I can’t use it,” Britt says. “I just straighten it if it looks off center.”

Best Countertop: Stackers Makeup Drawer 

As the name implies, the Stackers Makeup Drawer is designed to be stacked for whatever level of beauty organization you may need. Sold in three sizes and two colors, the drawer is able to accommodate a variety of beauty products, including powder, foundation, lipstick, eyeliner, mascara, and more. Whereas the Classic drawer is a single, deeper compartment, the Supersize drawer features a shallower design complete with a divider. Meanwhile, the Supersize Deep drawer showcases 18 upright sections to keep rollerballs, lippies, and other small items as organized as possible. 

“I love the look of this makeup drawer,” Nikol swoons. “The blush-colored (faux) leather-and-rose gold handle looks so much nicer than plastic alternatives. I store lesser-used skin-care and makeup products inside the drawer, which is short in height but still quite roomy. On top, I keep my perfumes and lotions. Their elevated position makes them easier to grab without knocking over other products on the counter, and my little perfume display just looks nice.”


  • Vegan leather and MDF
  • 10″ x 14.38″ x 2.25″
  • Available in 2 colors and 3 sizes
  • Features modular design

Who It’s Best For: Those looking for concealed organization that looks lovely on a counter.

Good to Know: Because it’s made of faux leather, it shouldn’t be cleaned with household cleaners or abrasives. Just a dry or damp cloth. 

Exclusive to Urban Outfitters, the Juniper Makeup Storage Caddy will give you a photo-ready vanity in an instant. This light purple organizer is made from solid 100% resin and comes all in one piece so there’s no assembly required. It has multiple compartments in assorted sizes for specific needs, such as lip products, makeup brushes, eyeshadow palettes, nail polishes, and more. “It’s sturdy enough to move around, if needed,” says Britt, “but it really looks so great on a bathroom counter that I can’t imagine doing so unless you just absolutely need the space.”

She adds, “As far as small cosmetic organizers go, the Juniper Caddy is both stylish and compact. It also has a low-profile so it won’t get in the way of a wall mirror. Since it doesn’t hold a ton of product, it’s really best for the basics or to store the makeup and skin-care items that you use every day. It would also make a pretty fantastic first organizer for those just starting their makeup and skin-care journey. “


  • Resin
  • 10.4″ x 5.5″ x 3.1″; 1.5 lbs.
  • Features multiple compartments in various sizes

Who It’s Best For: Those looking for a stylish and modern cosmetic organizer; those with small or new makeup collections.

Good to Know: It’s easy to clean, but because the compartments are not adjustable, you’ll have to use a brush to get deep into the sections for lip products, brushes, and slim containers.

Already a favorite for decluttering junk drawers, kitchen drawers, and bathroom drawers, The Container Store’s Everything Organizer Drawer Organizers can be purchased as a set. However, building your own bundle piece-by-piece will really make it the best fit for your space. The drawer organizers are available in eight sizes that range from 3″ x 3″ to 6″ x 15″, which means they can hold items as small beauty blenders as well as full-size bottles of skin-care products and even hair tools. Each bin is made from durable acrylic with reinforced edges designed so that the containers can be placed neatly together. The non-slip feet also keep the organizers from sliding around in the drawer when you open and close it.

“The strength in the Everything Drawer organizers is in how customizable they are to your space,” says Britt. “It took a bit of measurements and math for me to figure out which organizers I needed based on how I wanted the drawers to look, but I’m extremely happy with the result. I can store sheet masks, face rollers, lashes, press-on nails, eye and lip pencils, travel accessories and more. It keeps the drawer nicely organized, which has been a huge improvement from how cluttered my bathroom drawers were before. I wish I’d gotten them sooner!”

Read our full review of the Everything Organizer Clear Drawer Organizers.


  • Plastic
  • Available in 8 sizes
  • Features non-slip silicone feet

Who It’s Best For: Those who want to customize the layout of their organizers; those who want to free up counter space by storing items in drawers; those who want to declutter their beauty drawers.

Good to Know: Though the square edges make it possible for the organizers to be placed flush together, the size of your drawer will determine whether or not it would be better to leave space between them.

If you have a lot of makeup, it can be helpful to have ample drawer and slot storage to organize everything by category. With the Sorbus Cosmetic Makeup Organizer, you can do just that. Complete with four large drawers, two small drawers, and 16 slot compartments, this aesthetically pleasing organizer will help streamline any makeup and skin-care routine. While its clear design puts all your favorite cosmetics on display, if you want some semblance of privacy, the organizer also comes in four colors that will make it somewhat less transparent.

Sorbus has a wide variety of makeup organizers in many sizes, but we found this one to offer the best range as far as the types of products it can store. The large drawers can hold multiple palettes, tubes, and containers; and the small drawers are great for single tins and cosmetic tools. The tray on top holds lippies, lotions, polishes, and more. “I’ve really been enjoying this organizer more than I thought I would,” Britt says. “The bulk of my makeup collection is now in this organizer and it’s been so great to be able to get to everything instead of digging through the makeup pouch I used to keep on the counter.”


  • Acrylic
  • 9.25″ x 6.25″ x 14.25″ 
  • Available in 2 styles and 10 colors
  • Features removable top compartment

Who It’s Best For: Those looking for lots of storage with a clear display; those who need a makeup organizer with plenty of storage space.

Good to Know: It’s not compact, so make sure you have enough room for it before purchasing. Additionally, the acrylic can chip, so be mindful not to slam the drawers shut.

Looking to buy the teen (or pre-teen) in your life their first piece of makeup storage? The Caboodles Make Me Over Train Case is a cute option. Designed with four auto-open trays and a large base compartment, the case has everything you need to accommodate beginning beauty needs. It also makes an excellent piece for those who need to take their cosmetics on the go. “I’ve had this organizer since I was in high school, and I still have it today!” says Britt, “I used it all through college, and it was super helpful for nights when my friends and I were going out and wanted to get ready together. It’s been through multiple moves, and I haven’t gotten sick of it yet.”

The train case’s trays expand outward when you open it, and it’s capable of storing a ton of makeup inside. “I’ve used it primarily for eye makeup, such as shadows, lashes, glitter, and glue,” Britt adds. “so “I’m not sure how much weight it can take, but for eye products, it’s fantastic. I’d imagine it’d be great for other makeup, too. I could definitely fit foundation, moisturizer, and more in this kit and I have when I’ve taken it on the go to get ready for events at a friend’s place.”


  • 9.13″ x 11″ x 6.88″
  • Features 4 auto-open trays
  • Includes locking latches with keys

Who It’s Best For: Beginner beauty lovers or teens looking for cute and convenient organization; those who need a durable makeup case for travel.

Good to Know: The trays can feel less study when expanded, so be mindful of storing heavy items in them.

The Teamoy Travel Makeup Brush Organizer is a great option for travel, thanks to its compact size and 10 slip pockets to accommodate makeup brushes and slim tubes or bottles. Beneath the brush holder section, there’s an open compartment with removable dividers, along with a mesh zippered pocket on the underside of the top zip portion. Suffice to say, it will keep you organized on the go. And since it’s made of water-resistant nylon, it’s easy to clean if any spills occur in transit.  

“I personally use this makeup case every day, but I would recommend it as a Best for Travel option,” says AT contributor Amy. “It’s easy to carry and pack, has distinct compartments, and protects my brushes. Depending on how much makeup you have, there’s likely going to be plenty of room to put some jewelry, too.”


  • Nylon
  • 9’’ x 7.25’’ x 3”; 12.7 oz.
  • Available in 6 colors
  • Features adjustable compartments and water-resistant lining

Who It’s Best For: Those looking to stay organized on the go. 

Good to Know: It has removable compartments, so you can tailor it to your organizational needs.