This Ingenious Corner Vanity Has Tons of Storage and Won’t Eat Up Extra Space

published Oct 4, 2023
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My makeup station isn’t the most luxurious in the world. I’ve got a few organizers sitting on top of my dresser, and they’re overflowing with way too many brushes and products. I’ve always wanted to have a real vanity like the ones I’ve seen in movies, where I could lounge on a bench and feel just all around glamorous when I do my primping in the morning. I’m of the firm belief that adding an everyday luxury, like a vanity, to my life would make it that much more joyful.

I desperately wish I had space for one in my bedroom now, but unfortunately, I have two clothing racks lined up against my walls instead. Usually, the biggest hurdle in the way of people owning vanities is the lack of a spot to put it, but I just came across an ingenious space-saving piece that’ll allow you to indulge in the glam, give you tons of extra storage, and take advantage of an unused part of your room. It sounds too good to be true, but the Veanerwood Corner Vanity Desk really is that good.

What is the Veanerwood Corner Vanity Desk?

This vanity really has it all: with a conveniently located power strip for your hair tools and chargers, an enormous tri-fold mirror, and built-in lighting, it covers any need you could possibly have. You can view yourself from every angle, and with 10 LED bulbs that can be adjusted to your preferred brightness level, your hair and makeup will have never looked better.

The main selling point, of course, is how much storage it has without taking up too much space, because it fits perfectly in any unused corner. There are four roomy drawers on the side to store all of your makeup — and all of your office materials, if you also want to treat it as a desk — without it sitting out in the open, making your room look way less cluttered. Two shelves are built-in, so there’s little chance you’ll ever run out of areas to keep your things.

Credit: Walmart

What Walmart Reviewers are Saying

Average Rating: 5/5

“I can tell you this vanity is very well made and was built to last. It’s very sturdy and the particleboard used is truly high quality. The directions also made it super easy to put together, I had no issues.” – 303DenverGirl

“Needs tools to assemble but not overly complicated. I absolutely love it. It has a space for everything I need.” – MrsHenderson

“I like the perfect fit in the corner and the drawers.” – Rhonda

There’s little chance you’ll find a vanity more space-efficient than this one, especially for under $200. This is your sign to swap out your desk for this double-duty vanity — treat yourself!