The Customizable, Under-$7 Organizing Solution That Instantly Decluttered My Drawers

published Mar 6, 2024
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Credit: Jason Rampe

I recently moved back into my childhood home, and one of my major goals of the year is to upgrade it from bottom to top and everything in between. My list of home projects is growing every day, and fortunately, being an editor at Apartment Therapy gives me a ton of inspiration. Home organization is by far the largest issue I’m dealing with, and it often feels like I’m chipping away at it slower than I’d like. However, there have been a number of small victories from storing my large collection of mugs to corralling messes under the sink.

Organizing my bathroom has been an ongoing task for a while now, and I’m pleased to say that the room gotten a million times better. My favorite do-over to date has been ripping out the old dirty contact paper to replace it with a clean and stylish option, and then adding drawer organizers. The Everything Organizer Drawer Organizers won a spot on the Best List for makeup organizers, but they’re actually good pretty much anywhere you can place them.

What are the Everything Organizer Drawer Organizers

Available individually or as a bundle, The Container Store’s Everything Drawer Organizers can help declutter any drawer around your home in a blink. They’re favorites for organizing kitchen, bathroom, and office drawers. And yes, that includes the ever-evolving junk drawer. Ranging in size from 3″ x 3″ to 6″ x 15″, each bin is made from durable plastic with square edges that make it possible to place the containers next to each other without space in between. However, depending on the size of your drawers, you might find that it looks better to leave a little space between them rather than along the edges.

Because they’re sold in increments of 3″, drawers with even-numbered dimensions outside of multiples of three (like mine) will inevitably leave you with some wiggle room. Additionally, the bins are equipped with non-slip silicone feet so they won’t slide around when you open or close the drawer. Whether you’re storing kitchen gadgets or hair tools, the Everything Drawer Organizers have a universal appeal so it’s easy to use them in any room that can accommodate them.

Why I Love the Everything Organizer Drawer Organizers

I believe that the strength of the Everything Drawer organizers is in how customizable they are to your space. While I can appreciate the convenience of purchasing the bins as a set, I was more drawn to the aspect of making them a perfect fit for my personal needs. I was already in the process of doing some light bathroom upgrades and organizing the drawers efficiently was one of the items at the top of my list. So much so that I literally lost sleep over it.

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Credit: Britt Franklin, Britt Franklin

Once I tracked down the Everything Drawers on The Container Store website before bed, I told myself that I’d look at them again the following morning to see if they were the right pick. However, I kept thinking about them even after I lay down. So I broke out my tape measure, confirmed the size of the drawers, and started sketching on my iPad.

My late-night drawing was crude and not at all to scale, but it got the job done! It took a bit of measurements and math for me to figure out which organizers I needed based on how I wanted the drawers to look, but the layouts match my drawings almost exactly and I’m extremely happy with the result. I’ve been able to store sheet masks, face rollers, travel accessories, and more. The bins keep the drawers nicely organized, which has been a huge improvement from how cluttered they were before.

In my bathroom drawers, I used the Everything Drawers to organize makeup, skincare, and hair tools. They include magnetic travel capsules, sheet masks, hair masks, butterfly hair clips for wash days, a scalp massager, spa headbands, and more small items that simply wouldn’t fit in my countertop or cabinet organizers.

I also ended up ordering a few extra bins to consolidate some small kitchen items at my coffee and tea station, including drinking straws, adorable tea infusers, straw caps and cleaning brushes, and more.

Credit: Britt Franklin

Our kitchen junk drawer is the last drawer in the house I want to order more bins for, and it’s a beast. Until I’m ready to conquer it, I’m basking in the success of finally streamlining my bathroom and tea station. The Everything Drawer Organizers are inexpensive, highly effective, and completely transformed multiple spaces I use every day. I only wish I’d ordered them sooner!