11 Editor-Loved Bathroom Staples for Creating a Tranquil, Organized Space

published Aug 30, 2023
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bathroom with shower with white tiles with black grout, pale orange shower curtain, pale sage green walls, shelves with grooming products, reed diffuser, white pedestal sink, red and pale orange accents
Credit: Layne Dixon

A new month calls for a new installment of editor favorites that are categorized by room. In case you missed our first post in the series, we detailed our staffers’ bedroom must-haves that they can’t sleep, relax, or stay organized without. This time around, we’re focusing on the bathroom, which is, in many ways, a much trickier room to deal with. Usually, bathrooms never offer enough storage space, and you might struggle to make yours feel like anything but a swampy, mildewy linen closet. It’s lucky for you, then, that we have a plethora of useful finds that’ll make your getting-ready station feel cleaner and perhaps even a bit luxurious. Whether you’re on the hunt for a heavy-duty scrub brush or a set of quick-drying towels, you’ll find it all among our recs below. So have a look, and don’t forget to stay tuned to see which room we cover next!

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Is there any chore that's more annoying than scrubbing the shower? You might not be able to avoid it, but you can at least save your back from aches and pains with the help of this electric power brush. Commerce SEO editor Sarah loves its extendable design most of all; the brush's handle can go from 25" to 47" long in a matter of seconds. Plus, it comes with four interchangeable heads for cleaning all kinds of bathroom surfaces. "Bonus: Each head can be conveniently angled thanks to the device’s adjustable tilt-neck design, meaning no twisting and contorting to get into those especially hard-to-reach areas," Sarah wrote in her review. Say goodbye to a grimy bathtub and aching back once and for all with this rechargeable tool.

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Sarah also credits these undersink organizers with transforming the look of her bathroom. Namely, they hold everything from cleaning supplies to hair products, keeping them neatly stowed away behind cabinet doors. "I fit so much stuff in these organizers I couldn’t believe it," she wrote. "When I finished, I took a step back and couldn’t resist snapping a picture of just how good it looked." You, too, will appreciate the organizers' sleek design, handy pull-out drawers, and rust-resistant material. Also, two organizers for $30? Not bad at all.

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Boll & Branch
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Unfortunately, small bathrooms are sometimes also moldy bathrooms. There are things you can do, however, to deal with the lack of air circulation, such as invest in a dehumidifier or quick-dry bath towels. For the latter, senior commerce editor Alicia recommends Boll & Branch's spa bath towel. "It dries off completely 30 minutes after I use it," she wrote. "I used to dread drying off, but this towel has made it so that my post-shower peace doesn’t disappear. If you’ve been dealing with damp, soggy towels, this is the perfect replacement." You'll truly feel like you're in a spa when you wrap yourself in the towel's 100-percent organic cotton material and soft ribbed texture.

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Hear me out, but another great small bathroom solution is a classic, college-style portable caddy. I own this one from Amazon, and it does the job perfectly, especially considering how inexpensive it was. The caddy holds all of my hair, shower, and teeth-brushing products and still has room to spare. I also get plenty of use out of the many pockets that line its perimeter, and because the bag is made of a thin but sturdy mesh material, it dries off in no time.

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Calling all shower singers: If you like to belt it out while sudsing up, Sarah recommends picking up this adorable portable speaker. It's completely waterproof, so you can listen to your favorite tunes while you rinse off. "I absolutely adore this water-safe speaker!" she said. "I can easily hang it from my shower rack and control it while in the shower, so I never have to step out to change a song." The speaker can also fit inside the palm of your hand, so it won't take up too much space.

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The Container Store

Why keep clunky plastic Q-tip packaging on your counter when you can opt for much more stylish storage containers, instead? Mark, AT's director of commerce, stores his swabs inside this minimalistic glass apothecary jar. "It makes these everyday items look a bit more fancy, and I like that I can easily see when I'm running low and need to buy more," he said. The jar also comes in a small, medium, and large size, so you can pick up a few and use it to hold a variety of things, from bath salts to hair brushes.

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Optimize your wall space with these ingenious multipurpose hooks, which help store towels and other items out of the way without putting your security deposit at risk. They come in a pack of 25 for about $1 each, and keep in mind that you get four different types of hooks that you can reuse again and again. Alicia credits hers with sprucing up her bathroom, though she noted that the hooks only work on non-porous surfaces. "[The grabber hook] latched onto the Swiffer, and it’s been suspended two feet above the floor for weeks," she wrote. "I used the 180-degree hooks to hold our towels right next to the sink, so no one gets confused about it next time. They’ve been a huge upgrade." Of course, you're not limited to only using the hooks in the bathroom, but they'll definitely be a huge help in that space.

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Not too long ago, this electric toilet brush went viral on TikTok. With such products, you can never be certain if they're truly great or merely a gimmick. But after picking one up and putting it to the test, Sarah confirmed that this residue-busting brush is an absolute must-have. "Not only did it clean my toilet in what had to be record time, but it also removed some stains I had tried in vain to get out and worked its way under the rim of the seat for a deep clean that was, ahem, unknowingly needed," she wrote. Given that the brush spins at a speed of 300 laps per minute, your porcelain throne will be left sparkling.

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Another two-tiered storage essential, this madesmart caddy will corral your undersink clutter in a flash — just ask Alicia. "The organizer took advantage of so much previously unused vertical space," she wrote. "I was able to fit two bags worth of skincare into the top tier and used the bottom tier for extra toothpaste, Q-tips, contact lenses, and dental floss." What's more, this product requires barely any assembly, and both of its shelves slide in and out, allowing you to easily access what you need. It's nothing short of game-changing.

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I used a standard scrub brush to clean my bathtub and shower for years, and all I have to say is, thank goodness I followed in Sarah's footsteps and invested in an electric scrubber. This one doesn't have a long handle, but its ergonomic grip allows you to get close to grimy spots and practically buff them out of the shower wall. I also like that the brush comes with four detachable heads, which allow you to clean both larger residue stains and smaller areas, like grout and corners. Plus, this brush is rechargeable, so you don't have to go looking for batteries.

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Cold Picnic

An easy way to brighten up your bathroom is to add a bath mat that doubles as decor, and this green mat from Cold Picnic is a prime example of that. Inspired by '80s and '90s design, the floor covering sports a fun abstract pattern that'll catch every visitor's eye. Sarah loves hers for its cozy, plush pile and non-slip backing. "When I gave it a step test, I instantly loved that 1.) It stayed put and 2.) It felt luxuriously soft under my feet without enveloping them in the fabric," she wrote. "But the thing that sold it for me? How well it washed. When I pulled this mat out of the dryer, it was perfectly intact and somehow softer." In other words, it's perfect.