This $24 Renter-Friendly Find Freed Up So Much Space in My Tiny Apartment and Decluttered My Bathroom and Kitchen

published Mar 3, 2023
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After living in NYC for more than eight years, I’ve grown used to not having a lot of storage, but when my boyfriend and I moved into a tiny one-bedroom apartment, I realized how crunched we were on space. I’ve been constantly optimizing my apartment (it’s fitting that I work here) to make it more livable. I’ve found all sorts of organizers for every room and space — cabinet organizers and closet organizers included — but one thing my apartment severely lacks is vertical storage.

I have some unresolved issues that stem from a landlord taking $600 from my security deposit for holes in the walls, so despite my tentative plans for a gallery wall, I’m too afraid to hang things from my walls. When I got the opportunity to test the renter-friendly SFIXX Set of 25 Multi-Purpose Reusable Ultra Hooks, I thought of the nearly endless possibilities for sprucing up my space.

You get 25 clips and hooks with this set, which costs just $24, so you’re technically averaging less than $1 for a clip — a great deal. I was a little hesitated when I found out that these reusable clips have an adhesive coating on the back. I could picture hooks becoming unstuck and tumbling off the wall in the middle of the night, but there have been no crashes since I put them up a month ago.

The catch with these reusable hooks is that they need to go on non-porous surfaces — no painted walls. Out of an abundance of caution, I’ve just been sticking them to tile, my metal apartment door (which has a heavy-duty paint coat), and my fridge. The set comes with four grabber hooks, eight large hooks, eight small hooks, and five 180-degree hooks. I knew immediately where one of the grabber hooks would go — my bathroom. My Swiffer has been leaning against a wall in the small entryway since we moved in, and it’s been bothering me.

Credit: Alicia Kort.

The grabber hook was much stronger than I anticipated. It latched onto the Swiffer, and it’s been suspended two feet above the floor for weeks. (I was certain that if a hook was going to fall, it was going to be this one.) Another thing that’s great about this grabber hook is that there are two little hooks that you can push out on the sides. I’m using one to hold a cleaning cloth.

The next area I knew I wanted to use them was to hang up our hand towels. They had been living in a small basket above the toilet with the toilet paper. After we had people over a few times, I noticed that the hand towels went untouched. That was horrifying on several levels, but mostly because our guests likely dried their hands on either our bath towels or face towels. I used the 180-degree hooks to hold our towels right next to the sink, so no one gets confused about it next time. They’ve been a huge upgrade.

Credit: Alicia Kort

Honestly, I still have hooks leftover. I have one on the door, which serves as a key hook, so my boyfriend stops misplacing our keys around the home. The jury is still out on whether the hook will help or not. I’m also using the hooks to hang our oven mitts in the kitchen and some commonly reached-for kitchen tools, including spatulas and tongs. I’m still brainstorming other ways to use these hooks around my apartment, so I can say with confidence that you get more than you need with this set.