This Ingenious Organizer Instantly Doubled My Under-Counter Bathroom Space (It’s on Sale!)

updated Aug 30, 2022
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I’m in the middle of moving (which is one of my least favorite activities) and noticed that in my new one-bedroom apartment that I have even less bathroom storage space than I used to. As a former beauty writer, I have quite the skincare and makeup collection — eight bags worth. My new place only has a cabinet under the sink for me to use (and share with my boyfriend). If you do the math, you’ll realize that eight bags definitely can’t fit in there. I immediately took to Amazon to see what budget-friendly storage solution I could find.

Luckily, I stumbled upon this genius two-tier organizer from madesmart. I’ve come across my fair share of inside-the-cabinet organizers but this one is more innovative — and requires no tools to build. Instead of an organizer that has two tiers fused together, this organizer allows you to easily slide the tiers in and out. You can even pick up and remove both bins; they can live on their own in your home without the organizer structure if you no longer need it.

The organizer took advantage of so much previously unused vertical space. I was able to fit two bags worth of skincare into the top tier and used the bottom tier for extra toothpaste, Q-tips, contact lenses, and dental floss. The only downside is that you can really only put shorter objects in the bottom organizing bin.

Now, it’s easy to grab what I need out of these bins in the morning. I simply slide out the bottom drawer if I need to get my contact lens or restock my toothpaste.

Credit: Alicia Kort.
madesmart organizer review

I’ve moved apartments five times in the last seven years, so I’m used to pivoting based on how much storage space I’m going to get. Maybe I won’t have a bathroom cabinet at my next place (though I don’t even want to think about moving right now)! These bins can be repurposed in the kitchen (even in my fridge), on my desk or even on my closet shelf. I know that regardless of where I live that these bins will be with me for a while.

And I’ve got some good news — even though I didn’t manage to snag these on sale (I paid the full $29 and bought two), these organizers are only $25 right now. I opted for the clear version, but there’s also a frost one available.

Buy: madesmart 2-Tier Organizer, $24.64 (normally $28.99)