8 Editor-Loved Bedroom Essentials for Creating the Ultimate Sleep Oasis

published Aug 2, 2023
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bedroom with gray walls, large abstract painting over bed, black metal headboard, bed with black and white patterned throw pillows, warm colored bedding, long black curtains with floral pattern, mushroom shaped metal lamp on bedside table
Credit: Layne Dixon

You likely know by now that when it comes to products for the home, our editors have tons of favorites. Really, it’s overwhelming to think about just how many recs we have for every room, nay — every surface. Need a fresh-smelling candle for your coffee table? We’ve got you covered. Looking for a clothes drying rack that takes up little space in the laundry room? Say no more. We’re never ones to gatekeep, no matter the category. We’ve come to find, however, that it can be overwhelming to take in so much info. That’s why we’re introducing a new series based on editor favorites, with each installment categorized by room. That way, you can go back and reference these posts based on which area of your humble abode you’re looking to revamp, be it the kitchen, bathroom, or someplace else (stay tuned!).

Our first post in the series focuses on the bedroom because there’s no other space that’s nearly as personal. We called out to our staffers to learn what they can’t sleep, relax, or stay organized without, and they did not disappoint. Without further ado, let’s get into their top bedroom finds.

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Not only is this wooden platfom bed so chic and easy to style, but it's also a breeze to assemble (and disassemble), which is helpful for frequent movers. AT managing commerce editor Tamara said the bed is her favorite piece of furniture in her apartment, and for no small reason. "The wooden frame corners are designed to perfectly fit into each other like a Tetris puzzle — it literally took less than 10 minutes to assemble with the help of my boyfriend (after we unboxed everything)," she wrote. "Most importantly, it’s super sturdy, so squeaking is in the past." What's more, you can choose between no headboard, a wooden headboard, or Thuma's PillowBoard, and just look at all that underbed storage space!

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Waking up doesn't have to be stressful. It might just be that you're in need of an alarm clock that doesn't startle you awake. Commerce SEO editor Sarah swears by the Loftie alarm clock and its calming alarm sounds, among other high-tech features. She said its two-stage alarm system first lulls you out of sleep for 30 seconds before a second, louder sound really wakes you up 9 minutes later. "As a heavy sleeper, I was initially worried that the tones might not be 'alarming' enough to wake me, but what I found was that instead of jolting out of bed in an adrenaline rush each morning, I awoke calmly and, some might even say, correctly," she wrote. The clock also offers eight types of white noise to help you fall asleep faster.

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As a renter in NYC, I'm always on the hunt for products that'll increase the storage space in my bedroom. This slim rolling cart came at just the perfect time and saved my overflowing vanity from my excess of haircare bottles, hot styling tools, claw clips, and pretty much whatever else I could fit onto its four shelves (which was a surprisingly large number of items). In the months since I've had the cart, my room has felt far less cluttered, and my vanity is no longer such a hodgepodge of miscellaneous items.

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Projectors have been trending largely because they're an easy way to enjoy movies on a big screen if you don't own a TV. But if your laptop suits you just fine, you might consider a galaxy projector instead. This one by BlissLights will transport you to the Milky Way without making you leave your bed. "I first bought a galaxy projector during the 2020 lockdown, and it's so relaxing that I got an updated version for my new apartment," said Tara, AT's news and culture director. "I love relaxing under the 'stars' every evening." Even better still, you can connect the BlissHome app to Alexa or Google Home and change the projector's settings through voice control.

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Fussy sleepers might consider investing in a set of blackout curtains, but if you haven't gotten around to that yet, this ergonomic eye mask is the next best thing — and you don't have to install anything onto your curtain rod. "It’s super lightweight and creates a cup, of sorts, around each eye, ensuring NO light peeks through," Sarah said of her own mask. "As someone who lives in a place that gets a lot of light first thing in the morning, it’s been a lifesaver. It also folds up nice and tiny, making it something I rarely travel without, too." Other upsides? The mask is machine-washable and won't create any pressure or discomfort around the eyes.

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Sam, AT's social media manager, can't recommend her Google Nest Hub enough, especially for those who share a bed with their partner. "It helps me monitor my sleeping habits, is great for playing music or sleep sounds, can play streaming services so I can watch my fave show and not bother my husband, and has a slow alarm that makes getting up less jarring," she said. "It’s also a great digital photo frame during the day!" Plus, you don't have to reach awkwardly across your nightstand to control it; simply say, "Hey Google."

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It goes without saying that lighting can make or break the ambience of any room. When it comes to making your room feel cozy, this color-changing light bulb is a total game-changer. The best part about it is, hands down, that you can control the bulb from the WiZ app. "I love going to bed with a book and, more often than not, end up drifting to sleep as a result," Sarah said. "This light has been a lifesaver for nights where I’ve just been too comfortable to get out of bed and turn the light off. A simple tap of the app, and me and the light are out." April, AT's director of strategic partnerships, also owns and loves the light bulb, adding, "I can control which color I want from the app, and it sets the mood for when I'm working, trying to relax, or listening to music."

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Commerce SEO writer Nic liked this shelf lamp so much, he bought one for his bedroom and his living room. He uses the former as a nightstand and loves that the piece combines two different furniture items — a lamp and shelves — into one compact design that saves space. "The best part, though, is the set of built-in power and USB outlets that let you charge electronics," he said. "It's perfect for bedrooms that don't have enough wall outlets." You can snag the lamp in one of four colors, and it's currently almost 50 percent off!