I Tried the Internet-Famous Self-Cleaning Electric Toilet Brush — Here Are My Honest Thoughts

published Apr 12, 2023
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Credit: Cat Meschia/Kitchn

If you’ve been following me for a little bit now, you know that I’m a big fan of TikTok, especially its cleaning outlet affectionately known as #CleanTok. Whether it’s uncovering the ultimate hack for spotless shower doors or finding the best under-desk cable organizers, this app once known for dancing and lip-syncing has become my go-to source for discovering can’t-live-without cleaning products. My latest find? Well, let’s just say it took me by surprise.

While in the midst of a bathroom refresh, I took a look at my cleaning supplies and realized that my grimy toilet brush was more than due for a refresh of its own. So I tossed it in the recycle, opened up TikTok, and searched the app for toilet brush reviews to see if one, if any in particular, was making waves online (This is life in your late twenties folks, prepare yourselves). That’s when I came across multiple videos of users touting their love for the GOOD PAPA Electric Toilet Brush — a spinning electric toilet brush that also promises to clean itself after each use.

Designed to take the labor out of keeping your porcelain throne clean, the GOOD PAPA electric toilet brush is a must-have. Coming with two brush heads (one nylon bristle brush and one silicone brush), this toilet brush spins at a speed of up to 300 laps per minute, providing a powerful scrub that removes even the toughest stains. To use, simply charge the handle base (it’s detachable for convenient and hygienic charging), attach your brush of choice, and turn it on — it’s that easy. Complete with a wall mountable attachment, the base also features vented holes at the bottom for quick drying and odor prevention. The best part? Once you’re done, place the brush in the base and a UV light will pop on for two minutes, disinfecting the brush after each use.

Now, I’ve been a fan of bathroom scrubbers for years, so the idea of combining the power of a tub scrubber with the design of a toilet brush made perfect sense to me. After unboxing the brush, I plugged in the bottom half of the wand to charge, set up the base in the corner of my bathroom, and picked which of the two spin heads I was going to opt for (I went with the silicone head.) After 30 minutes, I reattached the bottom of the wand, clicked the power button, and got to work. Lord almighty, I couldn’t believe my eyes. Not only did it clean my toilet in what had to be record time, but it also removed some stains I had tried in vain to get out and worked its way under the rim of the seat for a deep clean that was, ahem, unknowingly needed. Once I was done, I turned it off, set it back in the base, and let the UV light do its thing. Yep, I was obsessed.

Want to put this toilet brush to the test for yourself? Right now you can pick up the GOOD PAPA Electric Toilet Brush for just $41 on Amazon. Say goodbye to back-breaking scrubbing and nasty, hard to rid of stains. You may just find yourself telling a friend or two about this toilet brush, too. Ah, the joys of adulthood.

Buy: GOOD PAPA Electric Toilet Brush, $40.99 (normally $45.99)

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