The Space Under My Desk Was a Total Eyesore — Until I Discovered This Drill-Free Cable Organizer (It’s on Sale!)

published Mar 29, 2023
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Credit: Kai Byrd

Like many people during the pandemic, I quickly came to the realization that a solid work-from-home setup was not only a want, but a need. As someone who previously lived without a home office (and thus spent way too much time working from her bed or sofa), I started from scratch, investing in a standing desk, a second monitor, and an ergonomic keyboard to boot. However, halfway through that year, I moved into a studio apartment which changed the way I looked at things. In my previous apartment, I had a separate office space that was also on the darker side. In my studio, everything is in a single room that is constantly filled with light. This means that I can now see everything, including the mess of cords beneath my desk. A constant eyesore, the mess under my desk was something I thought I’d just have to deal with as a result of all the tech in my space — that is until I found the Tyrkuiy No Drill Under Desk Cable Management Trays.

Designed to attach to any desk surface, the way these trays work is simple: Just slide the hook of the tray onto the back of your desk and tighten the adjustable clamp to secure it in place. That’s it! No, really. The clamp design means there’s no need to pull out your drill or worry about making any holes in your furniture, a win-win if I do say so myself (and a must for me because I did not want to drill into my standing desk). All that’s left to do after that is run your cables through the trays and position them best for your setup.

Credit: Sarah Vazquez
My mess of wires before the trays.

Putting these trays together is also a breeze; it simply requires using the included Allen wrench to attach the hooks and clamps to the trays. All in all, it probably took me about 10 minutes to complete this project. Now it’s important to note that in my personal setup, I found that there’s no way to completely hide every cord due to the placement of my desk and where the outlet is on the wall. However, I’m more than happy seeing one wire as opposed to the more than half a dozen that were floating around before. Best of all, when you’re looking at the desk straight-on, you can’t see these trays at all. They truly work like magic!

Credit: Sarah Vazquez
My new dreamy (and tidy) under-desk space!

Available in either white or black, you can pick up a set of these under-desk cable management trays for just $26 right now (that’s a 10 percent discount off of the regular price!) So if you’re ready to get those cables off of your office floor without too much fussing and fighting, try these bad boys out. You’ll be breathing a sigh of organized relief in no time.