The $30 Organizer That Helped Me Clear the Chaos Under My Sink for Good

published Feb 1, 2024
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Believe it or not, I actually love to organize my home. Finding methods and tools that make every day a little bit easier to navigate is a huge win in my book, and throughout my years at Apartment Therapy, I’ve made some amazing discoveries. YouCopia is one of them. This editor-loved brand has a wide variety of innovative, space-saving organizers, including spice racks, fridge drawers, freezer racks, bag dispensers, and so much more. In fact, it’s been one of my go-to brands for my kitchen ever since its products completely streamlined my pantry.

However, the kitchen is not the only place I’ve transformed with a wave of YouCopia’s magic wand. The SinkSuite Under Sink Cleaning Caddy might have been designed with the kitchen in mind, but its uses stretch far beyond a single room. Whether you live in a small space or a large one, the more places you take this portable caddy, the more useful it becomes.

What Is the YouCopia SinkSuite Under Sink Cleaning Caddy?

The YouCopia SinkSuite is a 15-inch x 7.5-inch plastic caddy with customizable compartments and a sturdy handle. There are loops at the top that can hold anything that has the ability to hang from them, including but not limited to spray bottles, cleaning cloths, and hooks. Like many other YouCopia caddies, the SinkSuite’s dividers are adjustable and can be moved or removed depending on your preference. The closer the dividers, the easier it is to keep bottles and other items upright, regardless of how often you move it around.

Speaking of moving, another benefit of the SinkSuite caddy is that you can place it wherever you need it to be. It fits neatly under the counter and inside cabinets to keep it conveniently out of sight and out of the way. That means you can say goodbye to knocking over haphazardly placed bottles and boxes under the sink and hello to a storage space you can be proud of.

Credit: Britt Franklin

Why I Love the YouCopia SinkSuite Under Sink Cleaning Caddy

When I first got the SinkSuite over a year ago, I used it to store my most frequently used cleaners under the kitchen sink. Spray bottles, sponges, brushes, scrubbers, microfiber cloths, and more were all consolidated in a single organizer that I could move around the apartment as needed. Best of all, it wasn’t a pain to lift despite it being full of full-size cleaners!

After I moved into a larger place and spread out the cleaning supplies while unpacking, I decided to repurpose the SinkSuite into a caddy for dog grooming supplies. There were a variety of shampoos, brushes, and deshedding tools that were cluttering up a shelf, but now that they’re in the SinkSuite, they aren’t as much of a mess. I also love that I can drape the dogs’ towels through the caddy loops to make it easier than ever to collect all the items I need when it’s their bath time.

While it’s made to be stored under the sink, YouCopia’s SinkSuite can really go anywhere that’s most convenient for you. I’ve kept it in the kitchen, in the bathroom, and now it’s placed in a spacious closet along with many of our other household essentials. The beauty of this caddy is in its versatility: It fits into your lifestyle instead of forcing you to jump through hoops to make it work. If anything, it’s a low lift, yet impactful change for the better!