Celebrate National Pet Day with These Editor-Favorite Products for Pups

published Apr 11, 2022
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It’s National Pet Day! In honor of the occasion, there’s no better way to celebrate the unconditional love we have for our pets than to spoil them a little (more). Here at AT, we’re constantly gushing about the animals that make every day special, so it was a breeze to find plenty of recommendations for items that really help our pets shine. Below, check out our picks for the best products to buy for your canine companions on National Pet Day — including treat tossers, grooming tools, and everything in between — according to the AT editors whose dogs have tried out many of them firsthandpaw. (Sorry cat lovers, this one’s for the pups.)

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This adorable mini dog treat maker bakes six delicious bone-shaped treats from all-natural ingredients. Like other Dash makers, it comes with a recipe book to take the guesswork out of treating your pup to a tasty biscuit.

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The Hertzko Self-Cleaning Deshedding Comb is a game-changing tool to help decrease the amount of hair your dog sheds. It has a soft-grip handle and a 4” stainless steel curved blade that follows the natural slope of a dog’s body to make the deshedding process more comfortable for pooches.

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Does your dog get a little funky between baths? Rowan's In-Between Bath Bundle is the solution you need. The two-piece set includes aloe-infused dry shampoo and a coat refresh conditioner that you simply spray on and brush through to have your dog's coat (and scent) freshened up in no time.

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Bathing and brushing go hand in hand with this shampoo-dispensing brush from Maxbone. The silicone brush has a vessel to hold shampoo that slowly empties as you wash your pup, massaging the soap into their fur for a deep clean that leaves them looking great.

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"My puppy is food obsessed," comments writer Stella. "She will finish her dinner in 35 seconds or less — I've timed her. These single-ingredient Sweet Potato Jerky treats not only take her a long time to chew through, but they also don't trigger any of her allergies. I love that they are organic, minimally processed, and sustainably grown."

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This innovative pet camera has an incredible feature: It throws dog treats! The Furbo Dog Camera has an HD camera with 4X zoom and night vision that really lets you see just exactly what your pet is getting up to when you’re not there. The gadget can hold up to 100 pieces of your dog’s favorite treats, and you can toss them to your pet via the Furbo app.

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Open Farm Pet

The editors at The Kitchn named this Bone Broth Bundle as one of the choice options for picky-eating dogs. Featuring slow-cooked ingredients like turkey, grass-fed beef, carrots, and pumpkin, the broth can be used to rehydrate freeze-dried foods or as a yummy kibble topper.

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Fable Pets

Fable's The Game is designed to replicate the experience of hunting prey, making it the ultimate kibble-dispensing toy. With a bowling-pin-like bob, the egg-shaped toy wobbles as it's prodded and rolled by your furry friend, which releases bits of kibble or treats. With multiple complexity settings, The Game is endlessly versatile and will keep any doggo occupied. Bonus: It's 20 percent off for National Pet Day!

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"Whether I am taking it on the go with me or using it to feed my pup dinner at home, the ZeeBowl's adjustable base and removable (and dishwasher- and microwave-safe) feed bowl make this pet essential more versatile than any other I've owned," says writer Stella. "Plus, it's just so much prettier than metal alternatives."

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The Casper Dog Bed made our Best List as the Human Bed Replacement for good reason! Senior editor Danielle swears by this bed for her 40-pound pit bull, Jet, saying that it allows him to really “stretch out lengthwise on his side or belly without falling off the bed.”