The $15 Adjustable Organizer That Will Instantly Declutter Your Bathroom Drawer (Plus, 9 More Ingenious Solutions)

published Jan 31, 2024
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Credit: Lauren Kolyn

Between your makeup, skincare, and other everyday essentials such as contacts and nail clippers, your bathroom drawers have a lot to hold. I know half the time, I’m rummaging through a pile of beauty sponges and chapsticks in mine just to find the one mascara I want to apply for the day. Really, there’s no reason to keep putting up with this issue when so many great drawer organizers exist. I know shopping for drawer inserts doesn’t sound as fun as shopping for clothes or home decor, but they arguably have a bigger impact on your day-to-day life. If you don’t know where to start, check out our top 10 picks below. Some of these finds are adjustable, so you can configure the individual bins to your drawers’ exact dimensions, while others come in a pretty bamboo or acrylic finish that won’t detract from the rest of your home aesthetic. In any case, they’ll have you in and out of the bathroom in no time and streamline your morning and nighttime routines. Or, if you prefer to spend a long time getting ready, the inserts will at least make your “me time” feel a little calmer and a whole lot more organized.

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At just $20, this six-piece bin set is plenty affordable; plus, it comes in five colors! And because the bins are separate pieces, you can choose to place them all in one drawer or place them in different drawers as needed. Use the stackable boxes to hold hair ties, perfumes, nail polish, and more.

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Williams Sonoma

The cool thing about this insert is that it expands, so you can adjust the individual compartments to fit items both large and small. Although it was designed for silverware, you could easily use the organizer to keep cotton pads, skin toners, and other items from becoming a jumbled mess.

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was $24.96

If you’re not into the bin situation, check out these dividers, which stretch to the length of your drawers. They’d be perfect for things like makeup brushes and hair combs, and they come in five sizes and four colors. Plus, they’re much easier to remove and rearrange than bins.

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The Container Store
was $5.99

Perhaps your bathroom drawers are on the deeper side, in which case, you’ll get plenty of use out of these high-walled bins from The Container Store. They’re available in six sizes, and you could use them to stack eyeshadow palettes or keep lipsticks upright. Mix and match bin lengths and widths to get the most use out of each drawer.

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was $29.99

We’re huge fans of all things YouCopia when it comes to home organization, and this drawer insert is no exception. Like the one from Williams Sonoma, it, too, is expandable. Additionally, the organizer has a three-section removable bin that’ll come in handy for small things like bobby pins, not to mention eight long dividers that you can also adjust.

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This Macy’s find was also technically designed for kitchen drawers, but nothing’s stopping you from using it to hold skin products and cosmetics. If you like to keep a lot of travel-sized toiletries on hand, you’ll find this pick especially useful. Macy’s shoppers also love its sturdy steel construction.

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was $29.99

Unlike a lot of other bin systems, the bins in this 10-piece set clip together, so even if you have leftover space inside your drawer after you insert them, they won’t slide around each time you open it. What’s more, the bins come with adhesive non-slip feet, and you get five different sizes to store everything from hot hair tools to tweezers.

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The Container Store
was $4.49

Bins, bins, bins! You can never have too many — especially not when they’re stackable, like these from The Container Store. Perfect for deep drawers, they allow you to store items on top of each other without covering anything up. You can keep more frequently used products in the bins on top and lesser used items below. Regardless, everything stays within view and easy reach.

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If you don’t want to sacrifice an inch of drawer space, opt for this divider system, which comes with eight thin dividers that fit together like puzzle pieces. Plus, if you find that they’re too long, you can cut them! Consider it a fun DIY project that’ll leave your bathroom drawer looking neat and orderly.

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Amazon shoppers love these small square bins, which come in a cute rose-gold finish. Ideal for smaller makeup items, they’ll corral your lip pencils and single-pan eyeshadows in no time. Adding to their practicality is their fuss-free plastic construction, which makes the bins easy to wipe clean.