I’m Obsessed with These Small Capsules That Cleared My Nightstand Clutter

published May 16, 2023
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It’s been almost a year since my husband and I moved into our house, and we’ve been slowly furnishing it to make it feel like home. The bedroom is one area that’s taken a long time to come together, but we finally received our bedroom set, so it’s starting to look like a space worth sleeping in. 

We have a low platform bed, and therefore, our nightstands are much smaller (and shorter) to match. Because of this, it’s been a bit of a nightmare trying to store things on it. I don’t have a lot of real estate on the top of my nightstand, so space is precious, and as much as I want to place my lotions, medications, and vitamins at arm’s reach, I simply can’t (unless I want to sleep next to a mess).

That’s why I was excited to try Cadence Capsules to address my nightstand clutter — and they’ve been a total game-changer ever since. These capsules are customizable, stylish, and compact — the trifecta in my book.

Quick Overview

What I Love About Cadence Capsules

  • Customizable colors and labels
  • Chic, compact design
  • Stick together magnetically
  • Travel friendly

I selected the original set of six, a best-seller on the site, and was able to personalize the color and labels for them. You can select different colors and labels for each — it’s all about your personal preferences. I went with lavender and pacific (three each) and chose the available picture icons instead of the text for the labels. (You can even take it a step further and make your own text labels for an additional fee.)

I adore how chic and compact they look on my nightstand, but the best thing about them is that clutter is no longer an issue for me. I don’t have to have full bottles by my bedside; instead, I just have these tiny capsules that I can refill when needed. They are also magnetic, so I never have to worry about one going rogue and disappearing under the bed. It’s been especially nice to have all the things I need right by my side, instead of cluttering another area of my home — specifically the medicine cabinet in my bathroom, which is already small and full.

Credit: Stephanie Nguyen

What I also like about these capsules is that they’re extremely travel-friendly (they solved another editor’s packing dilemmas!) and I know I’ll be taking them with me on any upcoming trips. Right now, I’ve enjoyed bringing them with me whenever I’m on the go. If I’m rushing out the door, I grab a capsule or two to hold anything I need that day such as sunscreen, moisturizer, or any food-related medications that we may need for the day. I always like to be prepared when I leave the house and these have become a must-have in my purse.

I’m glad I finally found a solution to my nightstand clutter. And another benefit? My bedroom feels even dreamier (and cleaner) than ever before.

Buy: Cadence The Original – Set of 6, $76 (originally $84)