This Extremely Simple (and Stylish) Target Find Helps Me Stay Organized with My Skincare Routine

published Oct 7, 2022
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As someone who, sadly, wasn’t blessed with perfect skin, I try to take my routines and rituals seriously. If I miss a day of moisturizer or commit the offense of not removing my makeup, it could take a while for me to recover — sometimes as much mentally as it does physically.

And, as someone with ADHD, forgetfulness is a fact of life. I couldn’t remember which products I applied from day to day. I’m of the “out of sight, out of mind” mentality, so my face masks, which are stored in a different drawer than everything else, weren’t getting enough, ahem, face time. Things were expiring before I even got through half the bottle or jar solely because I wasn’t remembering to use them.

When I began to realize how often I was slacking on my skincare routine, and wasting products, I came up with a sweet and simple solution.

If a dry-erase calendar can help someone stay on top of appointments and to-do lists, why couldn’t it help me with my skincare? Aesthetics matter to me (honestly, the nicer something looks, the more likely I’ll use it) so I found this acrylic wall calendar from Target with pretty gold hardware. 

I made a note of all the products I own and how often they should be used. For example, I aim to exfoliate twice a week, so I spread that out on Sundays and Thursdays. I researched ingredients that shouldn’t be mixed to make sure I wasn’t piling them on the same day. Then I transferred it all to the calendar that now hangs next to my bathroom sink.

Now, there is a constant visual as I’m washing up and getting ready, whether that be for bed or the day, and I don’t have to put any extra thought into my routine — which, especially at the end of a long day, is more than welcomed. The plan is already laid out so I can go through the steps without using any brain power, making the process more enjoyable.

Credit: Mary Cornetta

An added benefit is that things are actually being used. As a professional organizer, I’ve seen too many good and, not to mention, expensive products be tossed because they’re no longer safe after sitting in the bathroom, barely touched, for years. If I’m investing money into skincare products, and essentially my skin, the least I can do is apply them.

I’ve been using this method for the past few months and can’t recommend it enough. I’ll even add reminders such as to wash my makeup brushes weekly. Now that I’m actually using my products, I’m going to have to replace them soon. My routine will change as time goes on or as we head into different seasons — or as I learn more about the skin cycling trend and ultimately decide to try it. But that’s the beauty of a dry-erase marker.