The $25 Tool That Easily Cleans This Hard-to-Reach Spot In Your Home

published Aug 3, 2022
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Credit: Bev Wilson

Baseboards are one of those features that most homes have, yet they’re chronically overlooked when it comes to tidying up. In fact, when I consider my own family’s weekly cleaning routine, rarely do I remember the white wooden boards that run through every room of the house. And this is unfortunate because they’re the perfect place for dust to accumulate, especially thanks to their tiny ridges. But no matter how spotless your floors and furniture are, dirty baseboards will subtly disrupt a seemingly perfect appearance, so it’s a chore you don’t want to ignore.

There are so many great dust-busting gadgets for your floors, blinds and other surfaces; my own laundry area is fully stocked with Swiffer refills and microfiber cloths. But on Amazon, you can purchase an ingenious tool specifically designed to clean up those neglected moldings. The Baseboard Buddy has your back — in more ways than one!

To be more specific, this lightweight, mop-like product has a handle that expands up to four feet, meaning you no longer have to crouch down or stand on a stool to spruce up hard-to-reach baseboards. A while back, AT contributor Shifrah Combiths tried the Baseboard Buddy for herself, and her cleaning routine was changed for the better. “As I adjusted the angle of the Baseboard Buddy’s swivel head to my baseboards, it was the first time I felt like there was a tool that effectively reached into the several levels of grooves in my intricate baseboards,” Shifrah shared in her review. “The shape of the cleaning head combined with the length of the fibers makes it obvious that the Baseboard Buddy is carefully made for the duty it’s supposed to accomplish.” She also found that the product’s reusable cleaning pads are much more effective when wet.

In addition to being able to reach difficult areas (which is great for people with mobility issues), the Baseboard Buddy also has a 360-degree swivel head, so you can comfortably clean vertical moldings, as well. And if you want to use it for other surfaces, feel free! “It works wonderfully on all the woodwork, not just the baseboards,” one Amazon shopper wrote. “The long pole made it easy to clean at the top of tall windows.” (Shifrah similarly found the device most useful for cleaning the tops of doors and window moldings.)

Above all, you cannot overestimate the convenience of this tool. “With two dogs and two cats, there’s a lot of fur in my house, and some of it has taken up residence on the baseboards,” an Amazon reviewer reflected. “The baseboard buddy not only cleaned up the baseboards, it saved my knees. I won’t be crawling or duck-walking around the house cleaning the baseboards now.” After reading such glowing remarks, we can confidently say that if your home has baseboards (which I’m almost certain it does), this is one find you need to check out.

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