You’re Going to See these Bathroom Design Trends Everywhere By the End of 2020

published Feb 28, 2020
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Renovating a bathroom isn’t as simple as, say, giving your living room a refresh. More often than not, you will likely need to enlist the help of a contractor, especially when it comes to ripping out dated tiles or rewiring new sconces. In short, it’s not something you should take too lightly, and a little planning ahead definitely never hurts.

Whether you’re ready to tackle that master bath overhaul or if you’re on the cusp of the planning/Pinterest stage, we rounded up the latest design trends worth keeping on your radar. The best part? These upgrades have the lasting power and visual impact you won’t regret years from now. 

Credit: Kat Alves

Dramatic Marble

Sure, tiles are great and all, but lately we’re obsessing over the bold use of marble in an all-encompassing, floor-to-ceiling display or one that spans the entirety of a vanity (hello, Athena Calderone and Jenna Lyons).

While there’s nothing new about marble in a bathroom, using unique and exotic stones to make a design statement is on the uptick, according to Decorist designer Courtney Aleksa. “High-contrast, striking colors, along with dramatic veining and organic patterns, all provide visual interest, texture, and movement in a truly sophisticated way,” she says. 

Black Bathrooms   

Consider black bathrooms the new neutral. “Black tile in a bathroom creates a fresh, modern foundation, and it pairs well with metal accents like a bold brass mirror,” says interior designer Becki Owens, who suggests incorporating it as an accent wall above the vanity or on the floor. 

If you’re not ready to give up on your white tiles, try painting the adjoining walls black for a similar feel. “The stark contrast of black and white in a bathroom works in all homes from mid-century to modern farmhouse,” Owens adds. Plus, it can make a room feel larger by instilling a sense of depth. 

Chill Vibes

With all the emphasis placed on self-care these days, the bathroom has solidified its place as our go-to sanctuary and people are designing it to feel as such. Think clean lines, floating vanities, and rainfall showers.

And nothing says “at-home spa” quite like a soaking tub. Outside of giving the bathroom a beautiful focal point, they also help break up linear elements with their curved edges. To further accentuate the scene, Owens suggests adding a statement light above your tub up its wow-factor. 

To really drive the zen-like aesthetic home, Decorist designer Joshua Jones recommends surrounding the statement piece with a stool to house bath essentials and greenery. “Snake plants, prayer plants, and palms are perfect for the bath because they thrive in the humidity and purify the air,” he says.

Credit: BluBo

Colorful Tiles

Why settle for plain white tiles when you can make a statement instead? Whether it’s an intricate abstract pattern, rich florals, or eye-catching hues, this is the year for maximalist tiles. Mix and match displays, multi-patterned tiles, and terrazzo are high on the list of popular motifs. 

“Culturally, there’s been a shift towards self-expression through the use of colors,” says Eli Mechlovitz, CEO of Tilebar. People are ready to leave their comfort zones and they’re becoming more adventurous with their design choices. 

Powder Rooms with Pizzazz

When it comes to designing a powder room, people are ready to embrace their inner wild child. “It’s essentially a place to explore all the design trends you have been eyeing on Pinterest but have been afraid to implement in other areas of your home,” says Decorist designer Casey Hardin. Why? Because it’s a much smaller room that’s relatively low risk, since you only spend but so much time in there. But it is a spot frequented by house guests, so it’s a great place to do something with a wow factor.

Use the space as an opportunity to experiment with a whimsical wallpaper or take a leap with a bold use of color and pattern. “You can mix and match a geometric floor tile with an eclectic wallpaper for high visual impact,” Hardin suggests, “Or embrace a darker palette to create a moody vibe.”

Double-Duty Baths

These days, it seems as if there is a general uptick in bathrooms outfitted with both a hand-held shower head as well as a rainfall or wall-mounted one. 

“Having a mix of options turns your shower into a sensual experience, which is what it should be,” says Barbara Sallick, co-founder of Waterworks. Use one or more shower heads to create a soft rain-like effect, and if you really want to step it up, splurge on a digital system that allows you to control water volume and temperature before you even step into the shower. 

Finally, for those who have the square footage to spare, a freestanding tub and separate shower situation is the trending combo of choice as of late. “It affords you the best of both worlds—an invigorating shower to get you started in the morning and a good, long soak to relax at the end of the day,” says Hardin. 

We can’t think of a better way to unwind.