The One Thing That’ll Always Make Your Bathroom Feel Smaller, According to Home Stagers

published Jul 1, 2021
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Credit: Photo by House Method on Unsplash

Is your bathroom small… or does it just look that way? While bathrooms don’t exactly need to be massive, a bathroom that appears to be tiny can feel cramped, cluttered, and uncomfortable. Considering all the time people spend in a bathroom during their lifetimes, upgrading your bathroom’s appearance is a worthwhile investment.

Though there are a few things that can make your bathroom feel smaller, the number one offender is usually an undersized bathroom mirror. A looking glass that’s too much small will shrink how big the space looks.

Luckily, updating your bathroom mirror isn’t a herculean task, though you will have to get very familiar with a tape measure. Check out these surprising insights about bathroom mirrors from the experts who know how to make them look their best: professional home stagers. 

Height Matters

Of course bathroom mirrors are a key decor element, but they should also be functional. Sadie Ward of Ward Home Staging recommends that bathroom mirrors be sized and hung to cater to those who will be using them most. 

“The height that you should hang your mirror depends on who’s using it,” she says. “The average woman is 5’5’’ and the average man is 5’10’’, so you can use that as a guideline.” 

If you and your partner have a significant height difference, a larger mirror would be best. That way, you’ll both be able to use the mirror for makeup, shaving, and figuring out your best selfie angles. Better yet, a larger mirror can brighten up a darker bathroom, especially if it faces a window or light-colored wall. 

Check the Reflection in the Mirror

Angela Arnold of Elephant Home Staging knows that even if you choose an awe-inspiringly gorgeous mirror, your job is only half-way done. 

“Mirrors are powerful when used correctly in any space. “The key to using mirrors correctly is to never forget that they become what they reflect,” Arnold says. In smaller bathrooms, this can mean investing in a well-designed shower curtain or piece of artwork — anything that adds a bit of depth to the room will work. 

“When choosing where to place the mirror, consider the goals and current challenges of the space,” she adds. When you’re trying to maximize a bathroom’s perceived size, your number one goal should be to remove anything that makes it look smaller (aka that minuscule mirror that’s been there since you moved in.).

Go Big or Go Home

Davina Hughes of Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate suggests opting for an oversized mirror in your bathroom. “One of my favorite things to tell my clients is ‘don’t be afraid to go bigger.’ This is true for a lot of spaces, but especially in a small bathroom,” she says.  “When choosing a bathroom mirror, it’s important to work with the entire space above the vanity. That space is your canvas.” 

Hughes recommends finding a mirror and a light fixture to fill the space above your vanity. If your bathroom is smaller, you can still use large mirrors and standout light fixtures — just opt for a recessed design.

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