This Oprah-Approved Blender Doubles as Art and Impresses All My Guests

published Jun 2, 2022
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Credit: Lauren Kolyn

“Hydrate, or die-drate,” said a friend of mine once. Now, every time I catch a glimpse of my beautiful Beast Blender + Hydration System (which is, of course, always on display), I swear it whispers the same thing. It’s the reason I’m actually hydrated, the reason for my 5-minute summer soups (a new point of pride), and the reason for the plethora of comments and compliments I get from guests who also catch a glimpse. But its cool appearance and the fact that it’s one of Oprah’s Favorite Things of 2021 aside, I admit I did wonder how this blender differed from others with to-go container attachments. I should have known better than to question Oprah.

First things first, I repeat: The Beast system is very good looking. It is neither a blender you need to hide away for the sake of appearances, nor is it one you need a ton of countertop space for when it’s off duty. The design minds behind Beast prioritized the needs of modern home cooks, making every blending vessel portable, leak resistant (I’d even say leak proof), attractive, and seamlessly functional. Not only does it cut your effort in half with its intuitive design, but it even offers its own brain power to help hasten the process.

That’s right, folks. The Beast blender system self-adjusts speeds and power to match the needs of whatever ingredients you’re working with. It’s got a thermal safety shutoff feature which catches overheating before it happens, preventing both kitchen disasters and blender burnout. And, it’s got multiple sizes of vessels, so you can have both a smoothie and an infused water both ready to go in just a few minutes. But what’s the deal with the whole infusion/hydration half of the system?

We’ve all thrown some berries in a water bottle at one point or another, be it to get us to drink more or just feel fancy. But unless your fruits and herbs are at least crushed, it’s unlikely you’ll taste any of it, much less get any nutrient value. The Beast allows me to add whatever I want, skin-on, into the blender, give it a whirl, and spoon the concoction of crushed goodness into the Beast infuser insert. This allows for unparalleled taste payoff and for nutrients to actually be released into my water. Now, in a matter of 5 minutes every morning, I have breakfast and my initial hydration taken care of and out of the way, which is the only way I’m able to start my most productive days. Oh, and every part of the system outside of the electric base is dishwasher safe, so those 5 minutes includes the 1 it takes to rinse the parts and let my dishwasher take it from there.

I’ve been dehydrated since ’99, but I’m proud of my glow now and credit it all to the easy-to-use, easy-on-the-eyes Beast system. Beast blenders go out-of-stock often across the range of retailers that carry them, so don’t wait to grab your own. And don’t forget: Hydrate, or…you know the rest.