5 Products AT Editors Swear By for an Organized Kitchen

published May 18, 2022
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If there’s one room you need to keep organized, it’s your kitchen. With a properly organized kitchen, everything from storing food to creating delectable meals becomes easier. The best way to do this? With a great organizer, of course! But finding the perfect organizer? That’s a different story. With so many options, finding the right one for you can be a challenge — and that’s where Apartment Therapy comes in. We’re always on the hunt for top-notch products, with smart organizers being some of our favorites (because an organized home is a happy home, right?). To help you out, we polled our staff to find out which organizers they use to keep their kitchens functional and clutter-free. From classic turntables and racks to one of the most unique utensil storage solutions we’ve seen in a while, here are five of the best kitchen organizers you can buy today.

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When your kitchen is on the smaller side, it's important to be strategic about storage, which is something AT's executive lifestyle director Charli understands. When looking for some extra storage in her kitchen, she picked up this magnetic fridge organizer. "Since there wasn’t any room for our spice collection in our already overflowing small pantry either, I began combing the internet in search of a wall-mounted spice rack that would also complement our modern farmhouse aesthetic," she shared. "What I found on Amazon was even better — a magnetic fridge organizer that conveniently holds four rows of spices and two rolls of paper towels." Talk about a space-saving dream!

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Keeping your cookware stored away yet easily accessible can be a challenge, but assistant shopping editor Britt found the perfect solution: YouCopia's StoreMore Expandable Cookware Rack. "Being able to store my pans vertically freed up half of the cabinet and made it possible to arrange other kitchen tools that needed a home," she shared. "The cookware rack also reduced the struggle of digging deep into the cabinet to reach pans that inevitably got pushed to the back. No more straining and bending at odd angles in search of the right-sized pan!"

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There's nothing we love more than a unique storage solution, and freelance editor Amy's under-cabinet utensil hangers are just that. "Right off the bat, I was impressed with how ridiculously easy these hooks were to install," she shared. "Just peel the back off of the mounting sticker, stick it to the bottom of the cabinet, and slide on the 'claw' of hooks. No drilling, no hardware, no mess. When I stepped back to admire my work, I was an instant fan. My counter was clear of all the clutter, and every utensil had its designated place. (Plus, everything just looks cool displayed in an unexpected way, don’t you think?)"

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Keeping your utensil drawer organized is a feat. Combine that with an especially small drawer and it can feel downright impossible — just ask Lisa, who is the executive lifestyle director at AT sister-site's The Kitchn. "When your silverware drawer is less than eight inches wide, it’s easy to give up hope," she shared. "So jumbled utensils I had. Until I saw this Joseph Joseph organizer at a trade show a few years ago. At less than five inches wide, I knew it would fit in my drawer. I was worried, however, that my flatware handles would stick up too much and get in the way during the opening and closing of the drawer. I’m happy to report that the handles do not get in the way! And the system is basically perfection. It somehow holds all of my butter knives, small and big forks, and small and big spoons!"

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This last set is my personal favorite. When it comes to keeping my kitchen cabinets organized, this Copco set has been a lifesaver. Coming with both a 9-inch- and 12-inch-sized option, these worked magic in my kitchen. The 9-inch fit perfectly in my spice cabinet, holding all my essential spices and making it so that I don't have to worry about ever forgetting about a bottle that might have been pushed to the back. As for the 12-inch, I placed that one under my sink, using it to keep my cleaning products organized and easy to grab. It's a simple solution but one that has been truly transformative.